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A lesson learned
25 Jun 2013, 20:13
Wasnt sure where to post this but here goes... I started 5:2 on 1 May and am really enjoying this way of eating. In the last 2 weeks I've incorporated 16/8 on the non-fast days. I've had some weight loss and now my weight goes up and down. So feeling a little disappointed I decided yesterday that I would just stick to 5:2 and see how it goes so today was a full feed day after yesterday's fast. I had porridge for breakfast this morning and have not been able to stop eating since. I have ate, and ate and ate all day today. I dont even want it but havent been able to stop. Right now I have just put away half a bag of yoghurt coated banana chips. They are sweet and sickly and I feel sick. Whilst it made a nice change eating breakfast this morning, I will be happier going back to 16/8 because I find I can easily stick to it and can easily stop when my eating window has closed. I'm disappointed that I havent noticed better weight loss, but when I weigh it up (excuse the pun), I'd rather be able to limit my noshing to 8 hours than have free-reign for the whole day because I really go to town. For whatever reason, I cannot be sensible when I have the whole day to eat as I please. I just needed to get that out there. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow is another day and I'll be so glad to get back on track. Sod the weightloss!
Re: A lesson learned
25 Jun 2013, 20:42
I have read a lot of similar posts to yours and think that most of us have experienced this at least once since starting 5-2. Something to do with the psychology of it all, and our personality type perhaps. It isn't fatal, thank goodness, and passes! It's all a learning curve and gets better over time - the urge and desire for binges goes away, or at least reduces a lot. Don't beat yourself up about it, you'll do better tomorrow! :smile:
Re: A lesson learned
25 Jun 2013, 20:52
Thanks Dhana. I'm looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow. :grin:
Re: A lesson learned
26 Jun 2013, 00:41
none of us would be following this WOE if we didn't have issues with food. I have been struggling ever since letting go and eating too much at the highland show, all I can do is stick to my fast days and hope I will get back to sensible eating soon. :dazed: :frown: so chin up and battle on ,I hope I will be doing the same. :clover:
Re: A lesson learned
26 Jun 2013, 01:31
Oh yes friends, the diet swing is the story of my life! :curse:

I think my lesson was a little different from you Motherof2... I am doing 5:2 and I wanted to do 16:8 too, but it was really difficult after a fast not to eat, and I felt like I was restricting myself way too much and that can make me swing back into more of a binge eating pattern like you did.... so now I'm just doing 5:2, it's very slow progress, but I feel comfortable enough with it not to be on a diet swing. I just like eating what I like on my feast days (being sensible though) and then only restricting myself 2 days a week... for now that's enough for me.

However on my fast days, I eat my 500 calories in a 8 hour window, because there are not that many calories, and I figure it may extend my fast better to use that window method. And I may do a few 16:8 days, but only if I feel they are easy and doable. That's the key with me! :geek:

Chin up, tomorrow's another day to just be sensible. :clover: :heart:
Re: A lesson learned
26 Jun 2013, 11:02
Thanks Nessie and Littlejoy. Tomorrow is indeed another day and I feel somewhat foolish about my behaviour yesterday. However, onwards I go. Back to 16/8 today and its going fine. I think a moments panic about feeling hungry sent me over the edge yesterday.

All is well today. :smile:
Re: A lesson learned
26 Jun 2013, 12:00
Hi motherof2
I do 16:8 and generally I am disciplined but today I just thought I am hungry so I had breakfast and lunch and dinner, snacks and just topped the lot with herbal tea and a couple of squares of chocolate. So I have blown even my window today but tomorrow I am back to my regular fast.

An aside, I did take out the tape measure and was pleasantly surprised at a couple of inches lost on my hips even with slow scales. I don't want to ruin my hard work so back on track. Be gentle on yourself and just get back on track. Some days we do this well and some days meh!
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