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Would these break Intermittent Fasting 16:8 protocol? Not for puritans...

Would these break Intermittent Fasting 16:8 protocol? Not for puritans...
I would like to ask if the following supplements would seriously be detrimental to breaking a fast within the inermittent fasting protocol...

1. 3g Vitamin C tablets (this amount is supposed to lower cortisol that is increased while fasting)
2. 5 tablets of amino acids , HumaPro (they claim 5 tablets are only 0.2 calories!)
3. One-1.5 tablespoons of Black Seed Oil
4. Konjac Glucomannam Fiber supplement (3-5 capsules)
5. Grapefruit or Basil essential oil (1 drop) in tea

I don't always take these, but the Konjac with the amino acids tabs satiate me enough to continue fasting....
Most curious about Black cumin seed oil. I guess it is in the same category as coconut oil which doesn't involve Sugar metabolism and is under 50 calories?

Well lets hear what you think and other supplements you take to prolong the fasting period?

Hello sonic83, welcome to the group!

Fats do not initiate insulin secretion so will not by themselves break a fast.

All amino acids except those beginning with the letter L can be converted to glucose, so in sufficient quantity they can initiate an insulin response. The problem is that ones physiological requirement for protein cannot easily be measured. That said, nearly all who live in the western world eat far more protein than necessary.

Fiber, being indigestible, won't initiate an insulin response either.

Vitamins and supplements rank right up there with politics and religion. It doesn't matter if their result is reality or just another costly placebo, logic almost never beats emotion. The question to consider that fasting answers absolutely and without fail is this: "Why must I swallow something to lose weight?".

Hunger is the body's complaint of being deprived. It only occurs when the body cannot access its stored energy source - fat. Most are convinced that they are going to die if they let hunger progress. But. Wait! Haven't all of us at some point skipped our lunch break because we were working on something we considered to be far more important? Did we die? Hmm.

Unfortunately hunger is the critical first step to convince ones biology in no uncertain terms that it must return to utilizing stored fat as its alternative energy source. This takes time. How long? For most, it takes just 2-3 days of actual fasting for the initial conversion process to get underway and for hunger to disappear completely. Intermittent fasting delays this conversion process in a palatable way (pun intended). With it we take careful baby steps until we recognize that (A) we didn't die and (B) we see actual progress!

For me - a guy - it's been nearly 5 years since I'd started, the weight is still gone, health is excellent. Hope this helps.
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