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Muftanza wrote: How much of this is in a fast day portion is it half? This is where I struggle with portion sizes! Sounds yummy I will try it next Mon. Thanks

As the recipe quotes for two and 183 per person, you can eat however much you wish. I will add some veg to it but will eat half and freeze the other for another day. But I guess a man could eat the whole thing if they wanted with the extra cals they have on a fast day :smile:
I usually eat the whole batch, the whole thing is under 500 cals and is ready in 20 minutes. It's a really warm and comforting winter meal. It's my go to fast day dinner lately, I can't be bothered with faffing about cooking so this is perfect and very satisfying, I'm always stuffed afterwards. Red pepper might be a nice addition also.
Cheated and bought a bag of Tesco three bean casserole mix and some chorizo. I won't eat much this evening, as I still feel full after lunch out, but it smells amazing and I bet will be even more tasty when reheated.
Just made this for my two fasts this week :)

Putting the recipe in MFP (and checking the net), calories for Chorizo vary alot ! I would recommend adding some extra to what the recipe shows (88k per 25gr), as I struggled to find any near this. FYI, it came out at 230 cals per portion, using canelloni beans (based on two portions).

Also did a batch of Jamie Oliver Butternut Squash soup yesterday so thats my lunches sorted for the next few fasts :wink:

Xmas tree is up as well :grin:

Edit, Monday 2nd.

Just eaten my first half of the meal for my fast (stew). Its very bland, so going to have to spice it up a bit on Wed. Not sure I will be cooking this again :confused:
Had this tonight and enjoyed it. Agree with Minigill calories for Chorizo vary a lot. Basing it on the chorizo I bought from Sainsbury's this came in at 258 calories per half portion. Very tasty though :)
Thanks for this recipe @daydreamer21 I only just noticed it. I shall try it soon. :heart:
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