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Chorizo and butter bean stew
11 Oct 2013, 18:09
I made this amazing stew tonight and it was so filling! ... atoes.html

I will certainly be making this again next week with this cold weather moving it.
mmmmmmmmm, this looks luverly! Have printed it off already and that's me sorted out for one day next week - thanks daydreamer
My kinda food. Looks lovely, and also very simple to prepare. Thanks
Yummm.... I shall make this on Monday. Thanks
Looks nice. Chorizo is a real godsend for 5:2. Although you would think of it as a high fat food a small amount gives so much flavour and a little richness as well. The Hairy Dieters Spanish chicken uses it and I did baked cod with tomato and chorizo sauce the othet night. It has become a store cupboard ( well fridge) staple for me.
With this recipe you could add some chicken or lean pork if you save all your calories for one meal
Mmmmmmm. Just printed and will make next week. I am a one-meal on a fast day person so will allow room for a small pud too methinks!
This sounds AMAZING!!!!

I just popped out to buy my butterbeans, i'm going to have this on my normal day tomorrow with crusty bread and veggies and then the remainder for my fast day.

More recipes like this please :grin:
Glad I've caught this one (and book marked it!).
Not too keen on butter beans, but will swop cannellini for them instead. I'm going to try it tomorrow for us both. Will add a jacket potato for hub.
Its really lush! I am going to add in some red peppers next time I make it as I think that will bring it together nicley and bulk it out a little more for few calories. My work chum made it with canneleni beans last night and said it was good - it was also ready in less than 20 mins so this is definatley going in the rotation

Think I will give this one a go, need a change from my curries all frozen down !

It is quite filling or do you need to bulk it with say some veg, this would be for dinner?

My vision is if I ate out of my soup bowl that might not be enough :wink:
I had it a few hours ago and I am still stuffed, I ate it with broccoli, sugar snap peas and baby corn to bulk it out a bit :)- it does make a decent sized portion but not quite enough on its own for me as I have veggies with every meal, usually filling about 2/3 of my plate with veg (I misread the recommendation for slimming world of filling 1/3 of the plate with free and super free foods as filling my plate with veg lol and got into the habbit quite quickly but its no bad thing)
Mmmm, thanks @Daydreamer21, this looks great. I'll be trying it out on Thursday for sure, with plenty of veg. :grin:
How much of this is in a fast day portion is it half? This is where I struggle with portion sizes! Sounds yummy I will try it next Mon. Thanks
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