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Not really a 'recipe', just a big plat-full of yummy food! I make up scrambled eggs, using one full egg (70 calls) and three egg whites (around 17 cals each, I think). No milk, just a little water and lots of seasoning. Pile that on two slices of Hovis toast and then also dry fry some mushrooms (using only one squirt of Frylight and some salt and lemon juice) plus some dry-fried tomatoes.

If you save your cals for one meal only (which I do), this looks like a massive meal when you sit down to it - and I find myself looking forward to it. If I manage to get it in, under 500 cals, then I have a little Morrisons cooked chicken (fat free version) later, with a cup of tea, if I find myself feeling hungry.
Sounds lovely. How do you use up the egg yolks on non-fast days?
I have fish and roasted veg which I love! Not so keen on scrambled eggs.
NoraBoswell wrote: Sounds lovely. How do you use up the egg yolks on non-fast days?

To be honest, I didn't...I threw them away! I couldn't see what else I could do with them, before they went off, unfortunately. Bit of a waste, but not if you think of it as like trimming fat off meat! :oops:
Probably the best thing to do with them. I've just googled egg yolk recipes and they are all cake/pudding orientated. And you are right, we throw out meat fat, some fruit and veg peel, etc, so why not the odd egg yolk? :wink:
Don't throw egg yolks away! They are full of nutrients, especially fat-soluble ones. Save them for a normal day, if you want to bulk up your fast day meal with egg white.

If I have egg yolk left over, I usually make a custard the next day to have with fruit for dessert. I made one last night flavoured with cardamom and vanilla, used just a little sugar (but could use sweetener). it was lovely with some rhubarb!

It's funny but since doing this diet for the last 10 weeks, I find that all my meals are smaller, and the idea of sitting down to a big plate of food just doesn't appeal in the way it used to. For fast days particularly, I prefer not to use my calories on carbs, so if I have egg I go for just one egg and have it with lean ham or smoked salmon, maybe with a grilled tomato. That makes a great breakfast that keeps me going all day.

Soup is wonderful on fast days, because it is filling, so we nearly always have a light soup to start our evening meal, then fish or lean meat with loads of veggies, then a dessert of a spoonful of yogurt or other dairy product with a little fruit. It's important to keep our calcium intake up! If you leave out the carbs like bread, you can have masses of veg instead, which give you a wider range of nutrients too.
I've found that carrot and coriander soup on fast days is great. I make it by buying a kilo bag of frozen carrots and putting them into 2 litres water. I add 1 chopped leek and 2 to 3 chicken stock pots (or veg). 3 teaspoons coriander and salt and pepper to taste. Boil 15 to 20 mins and blitz. I can freeze portions. I think it's around 68 cals per serving.
Had one of the "breakfast" recipes from the book for lunch today, asparagus, eggs (I did poached instead of boiled) and one piece of toast. All the ones in the book are great so far and not too much faff to do just for myself when I have to cook something else for the family. But my 4 year old daughter joined me in having the Greek yoghurt, blueberries, raspberries, banana and almonds one on Friday and had seconds. :like:
Regarding egg yolks - you can freeze them. Stir them up and add 1 pinch of salt or a teaspooon of sugar per yolk and put them in the freezer in a small container. I always add sugar as I use them for custard or creme brulee. You can also freeze egg whites just as they are - useful for pavlovas,
I'm also a huge fan of carrot & corriander soup on fast days.

I feel a little bad, but my fiance has been getting my leftover egg yolks in his scrambled eggs, I may be fattening him up!
Or treat yourself to a carbonara on a feed day; if you make it the proper way, without cream, it's not too bad.

Put the water onto boil and put in some linguine or tagliatelle
While that's cooking, lightly fry off some pancetta (or bacon) with a little garlic (I like to throw in some very non-traditional peas too)
While that's cooking, beat a whole egg and two yolks if cooking for two (or two whole eggs if you've no yolks handy) with a handful of grated parmesan and some black pepper.
Take out a small espresso cup of the boiling pasta water
Drain the pasta and take the pan off the heat.
Put the pasta back in the pan and pour in the egg mixture adding a little of the espresso cup of water to make it go creamy
Add the pancetta (and peas)
Thanks guys, for all the suggestions.

I also discovered Quorn chicken fillets last night. 55 cals per fillet and I had 2 of those, with my egg white scamrbled eggs and 2 pieces of toast. Really, really filling! I was a little nibbly before bedtime, so just ate a slice of roasted pushed me slightly over teh 500 cals, and took me to 529, but I suspect that little slip won't make that much of a difference. The important thing is that I wasn't laid in bed, dreaming about fattening food because I was so hungry! :)
I am going to have Quorn chicken fillets tomorrow good idea ,I buy them as my granddaughter is a veggie thanks for sharing that TRYINGTOSLIM
NoraBoswell wrote: Probably the best thing to do with them. I've just googled egg yolk recipes and they are all cake/pudding orientated. And you are right, we throw out meat fat, some fruit and veg peel, etc, so why not the odd egg yolk? :wink:

A non-food use of egg yolks is on your hair! It's a wonderful natural conditioning mask. Just whisk them up, apply to your hair, leave in for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with cool water. If you use hot water, your head will smell eggy for some time. :) My mom used to mix the yolks with a little bit of coffee because she said it helped the smell. I have a little bowl of yolks waiting in my fridge for later :)
Also, my mother in law saves all the yolks in the fridge in a big bowl. When the bowl gets full, she fries all the yolks in a big omelette and throws it in the backyard for the birds. Ravens go crazy for the stuff!
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