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Re: an interesting 2 years
07 Apr 2015, 11:27
Great post @gmh - congrats on your 2 years and very well done. Your sensible approach has obviously paid dividends. There's really no escaping the fact that we have to hold ourselves accountable for what we eat at all times. Vigilance is the key (though not one I have mastered yet myself) - there's no escaping that either!

Best of luck for year 3!
Re: an interesting 2 years
07 Apr 2015, 20:36
Thanks @Hazelnut20, well I had a shocker of a day yesterday, was going to fast, but I can't face it on really busy days, but then I went crazy. Belated Easter gift of eggs which I went mad on despite not even liking milk chocolate! Too much food, then 4 glasses of wine!! So today I will be mindful and tomorrow I'm off so I'll fast. I feel foul from all the carbs and feel like cleansing vegies. Difference now to b4 fasting, is that I don't panic or feel frustrated because I know how to lose the weight, eat less 3 days per week, simple :-) Good luck on your journey.
Re: an interesting 2 years
07 Apr 2015, 21:37
Thanks GMH great post. And congrats on joining the two year club.
Re: an interesting 2 years
08 Apr 2015, 08:40
Ooh @gmh - that sounds like an interesting day you had! Glad to hear you saw it for what it was - definitely not the end of the world...and easily fixed by putting it firmly behind you and getting straight back into the fasting groove.

It's really strange - I find fasting quite manageable, not really a trial, yet I walked away from it after experiencing great success....& now face an uphill struggle just to get back to where I was last July. Never mind that I hadn't reached my goal back then anyway....So I really admire those forum members who keep plugging away week in, week out. Deep down, I know that is the only way forward, yet I am so adept at self-sabotage. I started Bean's DODO challenge yesterday as a means of limiting the damage I do on non-fast days! Hoping I will embrace the routine fully...and lose shed loads in the month ahead, ha ha!

Anyway, best of luck for your next fast - you can do it! X
Re: an interesting 2 years
20 Jul 2015, 15:13
What an inspiration ...congrats on your success. I am just starting my second week of my first time ever of the 5 and 2. You've got me thinking 4 and 3 could be a good starting point as I'm desperate for some success with 15 kg to lose.
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