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Starting with fasting today again. I have bin on vacation for 3 weeks and was not able to fast do to all the family events. I also feel my clothes are getting tighter so I'm starting again. I will be going home next Tuesday and continue to fast Tuesday and Friday. I'm planning on 16:8 other days and carb cycling.

Anyone fasting these two days and needs accountability ?
Hey there Lilly! @lillygirl and well done for getting back on the fasting wagon! There's a few of us on here who have taken to trying BSD. Why not pop over to the BSD tent and get some inspiration. The fact that you're already doing 16:8 would make this method a lot easier for you I reckon - and people have had amazing results on it - just take a look!!
Good luck xx
Bean :heart:
Hi Lilly!

I'm currently doing light days on Monday and Thursday and often on Tuesdays. Today I am doing a light day for sure because the scale scared me yesterday and I need my weigh in tomorrow to show results. :-)

I'm going to wait as long as possible to eat. I'm thinking that at 3 or 4 I will have a small pot of whole milk yogurt with some strawberries for lunch. Then dinner will be some left over very low calorie indian food I made yesterday.
mm I like the sound of your Indian dish Tracie! Hope the day goes well!
Bean :heart:
I need accountability. I do Mon. -Fri., though sometimes Tues. - Fri. Welcome back @lillygirl, and good luck with hugs. :clover: :clover: :clover: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I usually do MWF. The "fasting today" threads are a good source of support.
@MaryAnn @grennieannie @nursebean @Tracieknits thank you guys for replying.
Unfortunately my fast day didn't go very well and today was my bing day :(. I'm visiting my son in Ireland and there is so many temptations and excuses that I'm wondering if I should wait until I get to States on Tuesday. My head it's telling me to fast but my sugar cravings are stronger than my thinking. I'm kind of disappointed with my self now.
Before going on my vacation I did so well and instead of staying in maintenance I feel I gained some weight again. Tuesday is my flight back so I will try to fast during my flight because it's long.
Thank you for listening :heart: :heart: :heart:
I gain weight on just about every holiday. I try not to worry about it until I get back. Though, I do try to keep things in check a bit. Skip the odd meal here and there. Choose light options when possible.
Hi @lillygirl! How are you doing? I too gain on holiday, but like @MaryAnn I try to skip a meal or make a good choice occasionally, so as not to gain too much. It is so helpful to hear from others that loss/gain is not good/bad. We learn no matter what happens, and keep trying.
This week is Tues and Fri fasts for me, but Tues. did not go well. About 6 pm I had an asthma attack, and an hour later I was shaky, so of course I ate supper leftovers, then leftover dessert! I felt much better physically, but not emotionally. Oh well, this time I gained instead of losing, but I'll have a light day again Fri. Hugs. :heart: :clover:
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