This forum is for users to share their amazing 5:2 before & after photos with the world! A picture says a thousand words and while the numbers we see from the tracker are impressive it would be great to see the photographic results too!

Adding your photos is simple - when you go to create your new post look below the posting box and you'll see a series of tabs: Options, Upload Attachment, Poll creation.

Click on Upload Attachment and you'll be given the option to browse to a file on your computer to upload. Once you've added the file you can add more if you so wish.

The photos will automatically be included in your post as thumbnails :)

Don't forget to tell us when they were taken and the size/weight you were at the time!

I'll get the ball rolling and post my 5:2 before & after shots in a new topic.

Please remember that this is a public forum and any photos you post can be viewed by all visitors, male & female alike. Obviously any 'indecent' images will not be tolerated (however we recognise that some weight loss photos may be in the form of 'underwear' shots, as long as these are not indecent or sexual in nature they are not a problem).