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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Started 5:2 in August 2012, have lost over 20kg to date. Would probably be more were it not for a couple of holidays with no fasting and much indulgence. Read all about my year on the 5:2 diet in my blog :)

At my largest.

Are my jeans getting bigger or am I shrinking?

What a difference a year makes....
Well, all I can say is 'WOW' Well done Moogie, you are an inspiration to us all.
WoW moogie you've done brilliantly. Congratulations girl :heart: :heart:
As for the blips + holidays well life is for living. Well Done :heart:
Good Luck with the last. ''Troublesome '' bit :clover: :clover: Sue
I think you look good in both pictures but the latest ones are particularly good! :like: Great result, good advert for this way of eating.

Thanks for all the work on the forum too - its really helped me as I didn't want to talk about it to a lot of my friends or people at work for fear of boring them. Plus I have found some times that slim people can be quite negative about the diet even when I can see they are eating low calorie lunches!! :confused:
Awesome and inspirational Moogie - you have proved this WOE works!

I am following in your wake with luck and some determination! :clover:
Congratulations and thanks for the great forum!
You are a great inspiration.
I also have to lose 20Kg and I wish to be as successful as you on my one year anniversary, June 1st 2014.
Blimey, you look great! Just proves that patience and persistence do better than any twelve week program designed to part you from your money and will to live!
What amazing inspiration for the rest of us!
You are an inspiration to us all Moogie! :heart: Well done and thank you for this fabulous forum! :like:
Congratulations on your weight loss. I think you deserve a (non food) reward.
An excellent achievement and I'm sure you are deservedly proud. A great forum that keeps many of us going .... :like:
So does 5:2 work? Of course it does and we have Moogie as proof.
You look amazing a poster girl for health and happiness.
Congrats Moogie! Like other people have said - it is really inspirational to look at your posts and see how much you (and others) have lost by sticking with it. It really helps to keep people motivated.
Fantastic and well done. It's so inspiring to see people do well, especially for those of us with quite a way to go. Thanks also for this fab forum x
Congratulation, Moogie

And even more to dare put the pictures before/after. It's a strenght I don't have yet (and anyway the last picture of me was taken in 2006 so it wouldn't be relevant)
Amazing and inspirational. Well done :)
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