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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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One year on
13 Feb 2015, 17:20
What a difference a year makes.
Still a little way to go slowly it is. Here's to another Happy Year with 5-2
After at 10st 10lbs
IMG_32525849710142.jpg (91.69 KiB) Viewed 3143 times
Before at 13stones
IMG_20150213_145157.jpg (43.3 KiB) Viewed 3143 times
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 17:52
Well done!! You look beautiful. This is very encouraging!

Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 19:08
Hi there look lovely on both photos but the weight loss does make a difference!
Congrats on a highly successful year x I bet you feel fantastic! X
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 20:41
Congratulations!! :like: you look wonderful and so happy! Thanks for the photos. :heart: maybe you can share with us a bit about your journey?
Xxx julianna
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 21:55
You really are lovely!! Congratulations!!
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 22:28
Congratulations, you look wonderful :like:
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 23:01
Congrats! Keep up the great habits.
Re: One year on
13 Feb 2015, 23:47
Beautiful! :)
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 00:06
Woot! A Valentine's Fastiversary! Love it! :heart:

Great work on keeping it going for the year - you're a great inspiration :smile:
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 00:21
Wow luvlee, I so feel your happiness! Congrats to you and your lovely husband. :like:
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 00:34
Wow, great achievement and congratulations. Looking fantastic. Good luck for the rest of the way :clover: :like:
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 01:20
Congratulations! I echo all the previous comments too. :) I love your mauve outfit - always great to see people wearing colour! Best wishes and good luck as you continue your journey. :clover:
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 08:37
Your smile says it all.
Absolutely love your dress, you both look so happy.
Well done and pop your pic up as your avatar maybe.
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 09:32
Many congratulations you look fabulous :star: :drink:
Slowly but surely gets you there in the end!
Re: One year on
14 Feb 2015, 12:09
Congratulations, @LUVLEEJU, on your weight loss - it really is inspiring! You look so lovely in your purple outfit and very, very happy. :grin:
Good luck in the next phase of your 5:2 WOL! :clover:
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