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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Reinventing, again and again
21 Sep 2014, 01:20
Hi Everyone, tenshi here.
I started this 5:2 on 25.11.13.
I have given my blood results in April 2014. I have high blood pressure so have just gone to Drs for new script and more blood tests. Here are the results taken on 13/9/14 for those interested:
Urea, Creatinine and Electolytes - NORMAL (renal function)
Glucose from 6.6 (09/13) to 6.5
Cholesterol (09/13) 6.1 to now still the same
Liver function 119 in Feb2012 to 51 WOW (and Drs and specialists couldn't do anything for me!)
Haemoglobin Alc 6.5 (10/13) to 6.3
Haemoglobin Alc-IFCC 47 (10/13) to 46
sometines I am not sure what the medical jargon really means, need to consult dictionary.

I am over the moon!!! :like: : :smile:

Yesterday I read via a newsarticle Michael Mosley's research on short fast exercise. I shall now incorporate that into my 5:2. So I will be fasting and exercising on these two days and see if this helps with lowering any prediabeties/genetics in this area. Decided to dance to music for this.

As a friend said to me, I reinvent the house, household items, clothing, and now you are reinventing yourself.
So everyone, I can truly say with 100% confidence, this is definitely a lfestyle improvement for all.
Also noticed that on the other side of menopause, I am not forgetting what I talk about, that moment of forgetfulness has gone. My glasses aren't used as much to read, starting to see more of the print now without the glasses. The clotted appearance of my legs, looking like varicouse veins is starting to clear up. The varicouse vein has been removed many years ago. Clothing is hugging me and looking good. Been busy sewing and op shoppoing and reinventing some of my finds. Hubby is still in love with me.
What more can I ask. I know I shall ask for all of you to have as much and more success on 5:2.
Tenshi : :cool:
Hi Tenshi, it sounds as though you are going great guns! Always interested to see how people's blood results are. I get mine tomorrow afternoon, but I am not expecting great things from my cholesterol as nothing has shifted it so far.
Btw, where in WA are you? We have shifted here from Tassie temporarily for work.
Great work @Tenshi, and big thumbs up :like: - I can sense your excitement from's lovely to have the cold, hard data to back up how you're feeling about your progress. :smile:

Keep up the hard work, and let us know how you find the fast exercise...I keep telling myself that I'm going to tackle that one day too!
What a great post tenshi, you've really got this way of life sorted. The important thing now is to keep going and not lose the motivation. I'm going to change my fasting days next week to two of the days I work. I am very active at work so I'm hoping that will give me a boost.
Hi @Tenshi, a very big CONGRATULATIONS on your success. People's blood work always is my point of interest. It's the health promoting qualities of a way of eating that mean everything to me. Your blood work is a testament to 5:2. Well done!
I love these kinds of posts. And I'm so glad that you shared your happiness with us. Fasting isn't just about not eating it's about realising who's in charge. You've taken charge and the results are there to show it.
Well done, exercise gives me my happy juice. So go get some.
Thanks for posting and sharing your results and excitement
with us all @Tenshi Great set of numbers Well done You!! :heart: Sue
Well, that's a result to be happy with. Thanks for posting it is very motivating, I've no idea if things have changed for me via blood samples as I'm never at the doctors but like you I just feel SO bloomin' well

Ballerina x :heart:
That's fabulous! Thanks for sharing this. As Ballerina said, it's very motivating :-)
Hi Everyone
thanks you for your lovely comments on my orginal article.
My Head is now deep in the fast exercise book. Just 39 pages in and what amazing medical finds I am discovering. Why has all this just been "swept under the table" for so long.
fast exercise calling me ...
need to read rest of book...
until after I start exercising,
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