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Hi all,

I'm very new to the 5:2 and only on my second week.

Last Thursday, I decided to work-out on my second fast day of the week (first one was absolutely fine) but started a new work-out which is a bit more intense than my usual one, I felt a bit out of sorts during and ended up sitting down and chugging a lot of water. Every day since, which have all been feast days, I have had dizzy/light-headed spells and have woken up today (first fast day of this week) feeling even worse (though the weather is unbearably hot so that may be a contributing factor). Is this something anyone else has experienced? Should I be worried or is this just my body resetting?

I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

In my experience fasting and high intensity exercise can be very hard indeed. Esp in this warm weather, so don't give in and drink plenty maybe include a cup,of broth, oxo or bouillon to improve your salt intake.
I'm not sure it's fasting related. Such a short fast (less than 36 hours and I assume you included some calories?) shouldn't have any sort of lasting effect. Now if you chugged quarts of water, you might have messed up your blood chemistry and sodium levels, but that's not because of fasting.

I personally don't advise working out hard (especially in heat) when you're new to fasting. My husband loved fasting and running as he felt going for a run at lunch time on a fast day made him able to make it through to dinner time without eating. It was a solid year before I could even walk two miles (quickly, for excercise, in one go) on a fast day without getting overly hangry.

I would take a couple of days to focus on nutritious foods. I don't know if electrolyte water (like Smart Water) is actually any better than plain water, but it might be worth checking out. But eat properly, including salty foods - you need salt in hot weather - and see if that helps. If it doesn't, go see a doctor.

But I still don't think fasting did this - not lasting that long.
You did say unbearably hot weather -- yes, I do very poorly in very hot weather. Dizziness can be a sign of heat sensitivity. Be sure to add some juicy fruit to your diet -- peaches, strawberries, cherries, pineapple, and a banana a day. This will also help reset any electrolyte imbalance.
Thank you both - I really appreciate the advice!

I've been a lot more careful with working out and feel much better now, equally took electrolytes and I think they helped. Maybe it was the gym or maybe it was just my body resetting?

Thank you again x
I would say you just need to make sure you drink plenty of water even when you're not working out. Fasting shouldn't affect you after a feast day so keep an eye on it but it does sound like heat exhaustion. Keep those fluids up - at least 4 pints a day I'd say!
Good luck!
Bean :heart:
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