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congratulations on you achievements and Thank you for a wonderful post.
Thanks for all the nice reactions. Just proves the main point about the forum! :like:
Nice one P-JK. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Congratulations and well done.
Thanks for the update, all greatly encouraging and especially relevant to my hubby who has just got to his goal weight after two months of fasting, his first ever diet. He's very much hoping to enjoy the same sort of control over is weight from now on as you have.

Congratulations :like:
Thanks @Winsome, if things have been easy for him I can't see a reason why they would not remain easy in maintenance. If things would become more difficult, and your 'hubby' needs a 'buddy', you know where to find one
Thank you for sharing and well done!
Congrats on your journey and I really liked that algorithm (?) thing you did a while back on predicted weight loss - really helpful.
Thanks for the feedback @loversghost. Did the model come anywhere near to estimating your real progress?
It did but then I kept doing things like going on holiday and it messed it up a bit but I still use it so thanks!
It's great to read reports like this one from people who have done this diet for a long period of time and who have achieved such good results.

Do keep coming by now and then to share your tips and what you learn as you go through maintaining!
Congratulations on your successes. And thanks for putting into words what I also feel about this forum - definitely a well run and friendly community!
Thanks for your inspirational post and congrats on the fastiversary!
I very much like reading your take on 5:2. Congratulations with your one-year review and your achievements.
Thank you for taking the time and thought to write your appreciation of the 5:2 diet and this forum. It underlines what we all experience with our ongoing multi- faceted support. I am very pleased you are successful and at the same time not really all that surprised either!
@P-JK many congratulations on your fastiversary - I too like your description of the ability to turn the switch on /off and the connection of body and soul. Thanks for writing such a thoughtful reflection.
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