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08 Apr 2016, 13:33
1kg (2lb) in two weeks - should I be happy? I dunno, think I shed faster the first time around. But 1kg is better than no kg I try to tell myself.
Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend, spring is teasing us with it's on and of presence. If sunny enough me and Diego will enjoy the warmth on the porch swing :)
Re: Happy?
08 Apr 2016, 17:13
I think that's excellent! 1 lb/week is 50 lbs. a year!
Re: Happy?
08 Apr 2016, 23:00
I agree with the "excellent" comment. When I lost my weight (in my 60's so lower metabolism), it worked out to about 3/4 lb. per week. Now, the keeping it off, that's the ultimate goal! :smile:
Re: Happy?
09 Apr 2016, 00:56
That is great - you just have to stick with it and it does take a bit longer as you get older. Maybe time to up the exercise a bit? Let us know how you get on this week.
Re: Happy?
09 Apr 2016, 13:34
I would be delirious if I lost 2lb in 2 weeks! Jolly well done :high5:
Re: Happy?
09 Apr 2016, 14:49
I average 0.42 pounds a week so, yes, you should be happy!
Re: Happy?
16 Apr 2016, 11:14
2 kg (4 lb) in one week = happy. That is 3kg (alb) over three weeks. Jubilation. Even though I cheated a bit (the wine bit). I weighted in yesterday but had to re do it today, just to make sure the numbers on the scale was correct. I do understand that this kind of shedding won't happen every week (although the first time around I dropped in a good pace), but it does make me determined and focused even though some days is very hard. Me focused? HAHAHAHA!!!
Grey overcast with rain in the air, we are going to great and longtime friends at the other side of town for dinner and I don't have to cook :grin:
Re: Happy?
17 Apr 2016, 11:49
Great job! That's awesome!
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