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March Fitbitters
06 Mar 2016, 18:12
We haven't had a thread in a while. How is everyone doing with their steps? I had lowered my goal to 8000 in January, with the intention of increasing it 500 steps each month. But I didn't do so well at reaching it every day in February, so I kept it at 8500 for March. I'm doing better with it now. I'm going to officially start training for a 5K this week, so that will certainly make a difference!
Re: March Fitbitters
07 Mar 2016, 17:12
Thanks for starting the thread @cblasz.
February was a very mixed month for me with nearly 2 weeks spent caring for my elderly mother, then a very intensive week long walking holiday. The dreaded Plantar Fasciitis struck early in the month and although it is much better, my left foot is still not right.
So, forward into March, I'm managing my 10k steps on average but today I've spent a large part of the day on my knees weeding a flower border, so I will fall short.
How is everyone else doing?
Re: March Fitbitters
07 Mar 2016, 19:56
Today is my first Fitbit day. I need a dongle (coming) so I am spending the next few days checking step calibration and using it as a pedometer. Once the dongle comes I will reset my Fitbit One and join the game.
I'm pretty excited about the step count. I had previously counted the steps around 1 lap at the Seattle Public Library stack spiral (it climbs 4 flights in one continuous spiral ramp) and after 4 laps up and 4 laps down my Fitbit came up with 1959 steps and 3 flights of stairs. I think it's just about exact on the step count (I previously counted the steps for 1 lap) and may have cheated me out of a floor, but I'm happy :grin: . I bought it used, so you never know what you're getting. It did give me credit for flights of stairs that I did not take on the way to the library. Seattle's kind of hilly and I ducked indoors and took 2 elevators on the way. I guess I need to stop cheating :oops: . Thankfully it did not count the 9 floors I rode up to my apartment, because I'm not ready to start walking those yet.
Re: March Fitbitters
08 Mar 2016, 00:21
I'm committed to do my step target of 13,200 per day for 5 out of 7 days in lent and so far have achieved this. I like the challenges you can start with friends on fitbit and am currently undertaking a Workweek Hustle with my son in Melbourne, a friend in London and a colleague in Sydney. It really motivates me when I see the others achieving their daily goals (and I will never beat my son!)
Re: March Fitbitters
11 Mar 2016, 23:03
Thrilling! I have a dongle now. I met my daily step goal and the fitbit elves sent me an email. Actually I got 2 emails, the second for the flights of stairs. Actually I climbed no stairs, but Seattle is hilly and I took no elevators today.
I'm on the FastDay leaderboard. I'm last, but I'm on there. Ha-ha! This is great! I'm loving my fitbit - hope it lasts (the love and the fitbit) :heart:
Re: March Fitbitters
12 Mar 2016, 16:25
I have a Vivo fit instead if a Fitbit as I also like to swim and never keep count of my lengths! It has been quite an eye opener wearing it as I actually walk more than I thought I did which can't be a bad thing. I average about 5 miles a day with the dog and since I brought her home from the rescue centre, I have certainly found keeping to my target weight easier. The best personal trainer ever :grin:
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