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Beginner 16:8
03 Jun 2017, 13:36
Hi Everyone!
I am on day 3 of my IF 16:8 lifestyle. My goals are to finish this month of June with 16:8 and then incorporate one or two fast days in the following month.
I am cutting down on added sugars to tea and coffee. I eat a mostly plant based diet but call myself pescatarian as I do cook the occasional salmon and eggs.
My window is from 1pm to 9pm.
I start my mornings off with iced water and then brew myself a coffee, which then I cool down and ice.
and then drink water throughout the morning.
After this first week I was thinking about adding some light Yoga before 1pm. I use to do moderately heavy weight training but I want to focus more on flexibility and body strength this summer.
I definitely need to increase my protein in take but I can't stand the texture or flavour of the powders. I love my carbs though :grin:
Anyways, wanted to start a thread my experience on each day of my 16:8 journey.
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Re: Beginner 16:8
03 Jun 2017, 13:49
Hi chickpea90! I also do 16:8. I'd like to shorten my eating window to about 7 hours, but with my current work schedule it's difficult. However, I'm off for the summer and am going to try then. The whole thing is much harder in the summer, because I have more time and food available and I tend to go out more, but I'm going to do my best. Last summer I gained a few pounds and I can't let that happen again. The good thing about summer is that I get in a lot more exercise!!
Good luck with your journey. Do you eat dairy, if so greek yogurt, cheese, etc. are a good way to get some protein in!
Re: Beginner 16:8
04 Jun 2017, 11:13
Good luck. I look forward to reading your progress!
Re: Beginner 16:8
05 Jun 2017, 14:28
Hey @cblasz
I do eat dairy products but I try to keep my consumption very small. I incorporate greek yogurt into my diet mostly. I still buy non-dairy products as they are lower in fat and I have become accustom to the taste from my previous vegan lifestyle.
Yesterday was my first day doing 16:8 while working (I am a server) and I chose to stick to my time frame of 1pm to was difficult as I was burning calories serving. I chugged water as much as a I could when I had the chance, but the hunger pains were becoming more and more pronounced. Also, We have scheduled break times so 1pm wasn't part of my break yesterday - I had to sneak a snack at 1pm to keep going and then enjoy my lunch at 2pm.
Today I added a splash of non dairy cream into my coffee to see if that holds me over as I am back at work again.
The ups and downs of challenging your mind and body...ahhh.
Re: Beginner 16:8
05 Jun 2017, 21:13
When you said you were a server, it immediately conjured up images of a computer server (not that I know what they look like!!). What are you serving and to whom?!

Could you keep a few nuts in your pocket to help if you to get really hungry in the morning? I do know that sometimes eating makes you want to eat more, though that tends to happen more with carbs.

I think a lot of people who have milk (of some sort) in their coffee, do allow themselves that during fasting periods. Have you tried almond or coconut milk, I think these are popular? More cals probably than what you are using, but that may not matter if you find it more fulfilling and it helps you get through.

Best wishes.
Re: Beginner 16:8
05 Jun 2017, 23:25
@Sassy1A server is a waitress/waiter.
Re: Beginner 16:8
06 Jun 2017, 13:15
Yes, sorry for the confusion, a server is a waitress. We use the term server because we are also a kitchen and bar aide to the retirement residences.
For my coffee I use Silk creamer. It's soy based. I probably should switch to Almond based.
I am not tracking my calories but kind of eyeballing since I know how much each food is. It feels right so far. I am choosing healthier options, whole food options that is.
Thanks for the input :cool:
Re: Beginner 16:8
06 Jun 2017, 18:40
@Sassy1 and other non-Americans:
In the US, people who serve food in restaurants are typically called servers. It's a gender neutral term, so less confusing - "Your server will be right with you" - can be said by the person seating you, who doesn't even know which server you'll have. And of course many of us prefer gender neutral terminology. We have mail carriers, not postmen or mailmen. Etcetera.
Re: Beginner 16:8
06 Jun 2017, 20:57
Thanks all for that information. I do watch a few American movies and the occasional TV show, but must admit I never picked up on the term before. No doubt that is my lack of observation!

We try for gender neutral terms in Australia, but don't seem to have gone as far as the US.

Thanks again everyone. :smile:
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