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here I am
17 May 2017, 10:27
i am writing this with my left hand :frown: at the end of april i fell and broke my shoulder bone. operation plate and screws cannot sleep much at nights. cannot conrol weight :cry: just thouht let you know.
Re: here I am
17 May 2017, 11:24
Oh dear, that's no good! Look after yourself, eat nutritiously and don't worry about your weight while you are recovering. Best wishes.
Re: here I am
17 May 2017, 17:20
I am so sorry to hear that!!! I hope that you are able to heal and make a full recovery eventually, but I know that an injury like that usually means weeks of pain and sleepless nights. And both of those are terrible for a diet.

Thank you so much for checking in with us! Please feel free to come complain here
Re: here I am
17 May 2017, 19:39
@margotsylviaso sorry to hear of yr accident xx so horrid to be in pain and limited in movement
How frustrating for you. Like @tracieknitssaid,come and have a rant when you need to.
And like @sassy1 said,eat good foods and dont think diet just now x hope yr sleep improves and that youre getting lots TLC from family and friends
Re: here I am
17 May 2017, 22:53
Oh, @Margotsylvia, what a miserable thing to have happened! :frown: Take good care of yourself and try to eat well but allow yourself some yummy food too. I hope that you will soon be feeling better and sleeping more soundly. Nothing worse than lack of sleep and pain to drag your spirits down. We will be thinking about you! :heart:
Re: here I am
20 May 2017, 15:27
Hugs and hoping for a good healing recovery for you @Margotsylvia.
Comfrey tea is said to be good for broken bone, also called 'knit bone'.
Re: here I am
27 May 2017, 10:03
Thanks all for your very kind words. Some nights are better than others. No night is very good. i eat chocolate to comfort me at nights. I am so glad summer is coming, and the garden is greener and greener. Only the oak has no leaves yet. I am rather round - will have to have a severe fast effort afterwards. :curse: At least I know what works.... :smile:
Re: here I am
14 Jun 2017, 10:48
I decided to write again, i slept well last night. HAVE been diagnosed with a nerve condition called CRPS- COMPLICATED REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME. THEY GAVE ME SOME NERVE MEDICINE and it seems to be helping. I am writing this with m y left hand and seem to have problems with the capitals, sorry. The nerve medicine is helping with the pain. THey say it makes you gain weight. :curse:
Re: here I am
14 Jun 2017, 21:33
Good to hear from you @Margotsylvia, but sorry to hear of your continuing health problems. Look after yourself. Best wishes. :clover: :smile:
Re: here I am
21 Jun 2017, 16:30
Hi, @Margotsylvia. It's good to hear from you again but not to hear that you now have another thing to contend with. I have never heard of your condition but it's too bad that the meds are likely to make you put on weight! :frown:

I am on meds for atrial fibrillation (beta blockers) and they to are alleged to make you put on weight. It certainly seems that way but I am battling my way down to my target weight. It's just taking longer than I hoped but I will get there!

I hope that your shoulder is well on the way to being mended by now so that you can enjoy the summer. Keep in touch with us and don't lose heart! :victory:
Re: here I am
21 Jun 2017, 22:31
Hi @Margotsylvia. You have been missed. Sorry to hear about your pain. Immobility is one thing but pain ... That's debilitating. If you have an iPad you can voice to text so you don't have to left handedly type (you are a very neat left handed writer by the way). :wink:
I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care.
Re: here I am
22 Jun 2017, 03:03
Wishing you a quick recovery and good health.
Re: here I am
26 Jun 2017, 15:09
I am sorry to hear about the pain as well, @Margotsylvia. I hope that it is temporary and you are able to find something that helps.
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