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Just watched and they mentioned an interesting side effect of fasting: rejuvenation of cells during the eating window. First the body eliminates old cells during the fast and then replaces them with new cells during the feast. This was also mentioned in Eat Fast and Live Longer and one of the reasons why fasting appeals to me.
I have understood that after 72 hours of fasting the body starts to use muscle cells for energy so we shouldn't do that, but a longer fasting period (once a while) than the standard might be helpful.

My longest fasting window is approximately 21 hours. I just added a few hours to the daily fast, because I wasn't very hungry and was working on something that kept my mind from thinking about food. I still ate pretty much the same during the 3 hours (maybe a bit less) as usual. My usual fast is 18 hours.
I "fear" fasting longer than 24 hours though, because then you need to go to sleep hungry. BTW. If I am fasting, that means no calories intake at all (only water, tea, coffee)

What is your longest fasting period?
When I did 5:2 I never had any food on my Fast days, and sometimes I only drank water, so I was doing 36-hour water fasts. I did not like being hungry when going to bed, but usually did fall asleep and was not at all hungry when I woke up.

By the way, we are not allowed to discuss fasts longer than that on this site.
barbarita wrote: By the way, we are not allowed to discuss fasts longer than that on this site.

Thanks for letting me know. I can totally understand that very long fasts might be a sensitive topic - I feel stupid for not realizing that at all...
@moderators feel free to close the topic.
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