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Re: Low Carbers Tent
11 Jul 2017, 20:23
Hi friends, have enjoyed catching up with the folks on this page ( oh its now the previous page!)
@Sassy1 i keep to 50 g carbs a day which doesnt go far,so i dont use them on higher carb veg/ fruit/ grains.
Am also frightened of inviting carb monster back if i began eating bread etc again.
My plan now is to lose some more weight..BMI could do with coming down a little more but it doesnt matter if it takes a good while.
If i eat out i'll have what i want,but i wont shop for any socalled " bad " things
Am interested in the idea of no longer getting weighed and also no longer counting calories even tho will continue to count carbs
Tomorrows my first anniversary of starting to follow BSD / low carb way of life. Have lost one hundred pounds so far. I am indebted to @Hazelnut20 for first inspiring me to give BSD a go. And many thanks to Everyone here,old and new,for yr friendship and encouragement on this journey we are all taking via 5:2 (and variations of) and low carb plans.
We are heading towards the bestest healthiest and trimmest we can be! X onwards and downwards folks! X :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: xx
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Jul 2017, 06:43
Hiya Candy, you've done phenomenally well, I'm so glad you found your sweet spot I jus don't see unrefined carbs as a necessarypart of my diet anymore.. if the shops stopped stocking them what would you have to eat instead!! :oops:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Jul 2017, 07:16
Wow, you're fantastic @CandiceMarie, that's brilliant news and I applaud your year of change :like: :heart:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Jul 2017, 18:47
You are a real inspiration @CandiceMarie!!! How are you doing with your swelling and adema?

I miss @Hazelnut20 too! She helped me so much last summer.
Re: Low Carbers Tent
13 Jul 2017, 12:11
Thanks for the tag @Tracieknits!
I have just returned from a short stay with Deb, so back tuit now, as they say!!
Re: Low Carbers Tent
19 Jul 2017, 20:50
Back tuit for me too. Just need to ensure I have enough high fat low carb high protein foods in to keep me happy
Re: Low Carbers Tent
19 Jul 2017, 23:50
Howdy @pennyforthemand @carieoates! XX :like: :like: :like: :like:
@pennyforthemwhen you say Deb,do you mean Debs from this forum?

Hola to @tracieknitsXX in answer to yr question,have been to hosp today and given lymphoedema diagnosis :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Have to wear tight compression stockings but today they only had a right leg for me! No twin available for poor old left leg..i have to ask my gp to order one and i have to go back to see a specialist nurse,which i will be glad to do,as staff were very rushed today tho lovely..but they acted as if this wasnt all totally new to me,which was a bit puzzling not to say discombobulating!
Anyhoo was slightly comforted by the fact i was prescribed petite fitting rather than jumboesque size!

On another subject,anybody heard of the low carb blood sugar 10 day detox? I just got the book by Dr Mark Hyman and am thinking of giving it a whirl..i dont suppose a detox will make much difference to my swollen ankles and puffy knees but ..who knows? Also have been overdoing the fullfat yog so a dairy free detox might be a good thing. Just wondered if any low carbers had heard of it?xx
Re: Low Carbers Tent
20 Jul 2017, 06:37
Good morning @CandiceMarie, I just had a quick read up on lymphoedema, it doesn't sound much fun. I hope you get the other compression stocking soon and can move around a bit more, it said that helps.
I don't know the book you mention, I have stopped having milk recently as it appeared to be having an affect on mucous build up, aggravating my hay fever and foggy brain. It's been about a week and I am improving. Fermented milk products don't seem to be a problem so I continue to eat some cheese and live yogurt for now.
I'm keeping an eye on the clock too, eating at 11, 2 and 6 pm, and not feeling at all hungry otherwise. Yesterday was
11: peanut butter on GF toast,
2: emmentaal cheese on GF crackers,
6:chicken and veg soup and then yogurt. Black decaff coffee to drink throughout.
have a happy day folks :like: :heart: :smile:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
20 Jul 2017, 15:52
Hello CandiceMarie! I'm glad it's getting attention and yay for petite!!!

I don't take advice from people selling supplements online. Period. To me that screams "quack". My endocrinologist recommends for low carb advice. There's an expensive membership, but there's also a lot of free information.

I'm off in NYC for a short break. Hopefully not doing too much damage to my weight >.< LOL
Re: Low Carbers Tent
20 Jul 2017, 17:58
Hiii @tracieknits! Wishing you a very happy holibobs! XX :like: :like: :like: New york city sounds very exciting! America fascinates me, i will get there one day i hope.
I have delayed my ten day detox til tomorrow as i have grappled enough today getting to grips ( literally) with wearing this tight tight stocking! Quite hard to get on tho not as bad as i gloomily envisaged.
Looking forward to tomozz coz i feel ready for a little detox! Tracie,i agree TOTALLY about quacks,it infuriates me when they try to pull a fast one on they think we are daft? We may not feel free to EAT cookies but we ARE smart cookies! Someone passed the book onto me and i havent taken on board the endless lists of supplements,will just take a generic multi vit and my usual cranberry ( i take it daily after a few horrendous bladder infections :confused: ) and magnesium.
Diet doctor is fab! I get really informative emails,all good stuff!
@azureblue Hiii AB! Xx Thanks for looking up lympho...its a laugh a minute!
Im trying everything i read in the hopes of improvement, so glad i lost a lot of weight as this damm stocking wd be even harder to put on if i still had all that extra lard
Glad youre getting some relief from yr hayfever and brain fog. A friend gave up milk and all her sinusy problems vanished fairly quickly :clover: :clover: :clover: xx
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