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Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
16 Jun 2015, 19:55
Great to see this thread up front again. Low carb, fasting and mindful portion size was the yellow brick road for me. :heart:
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
16 Jun 2015, 21:32
Yes prob one of my gave tents this is.
I had a low carb possibly hay fever head the past two days. Plus the frequent peeing and funny taste in mouth, sugar free chewing gum, olives, fizzy water, tuna, cheese, salad, eggs, chicken. Oh and some courgettes, just to keep me going.
Good luck SianS.
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
17 Jun 2015, 09:28
Is there anyone on our forum going to be doing Ramadam? Not so tricky for our Australian folks on winter dark days but UK light is almost maximum making it very hard here. I'm not sure I could comply but being brought up to it as a Muslim must help?
Just a thought.
I've fasted 16 hours and now eaten a tsp of coconut oil/butter, an avocado with lemon juice, two soft boiled eggs with iodised salt, two cups of real coffee with cream, three squares of 99% chocolate, my usual in other words.
That's it until dinner of soup and Greek yogurt, though I will drink water and tisanes in between.
My weight has been up and downing again so vigilance is the order of the day :0)
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
28 Jun 2015, 19:28
Hello everyone
Please may I join back in here. I have not only been absent from this tent but I have given fasting a bit of a break. I was failing dreadfully and put on 4 of the 6 kegs I lost because I was eating like a mad woman on non fast days and became obsessed with food particularly chocolates, chips and everything unhealthy. So I took a break, ate without thinking about it and since the 1st May have been low carbing and tried Dukan for the first 2 weeks and then Atkins for the last two weeks. Haven't lost weight infact I think I have gained (my scale's not working) but I can see it and feel it in my clothes. However, I think I may have been eating too much meat. But I have a grip on the junk food again and want to start fasting again 4:3 cause it def worked for me, but I will do it alongside a LCHF WOE. I have read every single post in this tent as well as a few links and it all makes perfect sense. So I will eat more healthy fat, small portions of protein and very low quantities of carbs in the form of green salads and green cooked vegetables.
Keeping fingers crossed this works..... I need to lose weight in 3 weeks have a deadline :smile:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
13 Jul 2015, 15:37
I've just come across this collection of great videos about low carbing:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
24 Jul 2015, 13:22
These were very informative videos Carorees. They really sold me on low-carb! I don't think I could manage keto-low, certainly not at first, but I try to eat mainly veggies and protein anyway, so it will just mean eliminating most fruit, dumping bread and increasing fats some. I like the butter better than the bread anyway, ha!

Thanks for posting. I watched for hours one afternoon and evening I had free.

Re: Low Carbers Tent
25 Jul 2015, 12:28
Oo, thanks for bumping up as I missed seeing the videos post. Now what shall I watch tonight :wink:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
25 Jul 2015, 12:35
Hello all,
I'm plodding along in here without going too low carb so I don't end up with carb flu which sucks! Just had a delicious banana and coconut smoothie to break my fast at 3pm. How is everyone going?
Re: Low Carbers Tent
25 Jul 2015, 12:59
Hi Debs, I grazed on too much bread over the last 2 days, special occasions yes - my tummy has not thanked me for it - feels like a rock in my stomach. Q is did I eat too much bread or do I find it difficult to digest? Probably both. Time to drag the rock to the shops :wink: Really welcoming my fast today.
Re: Low Carbers Tent
19 Jan 2016, 16:25
Bumping this thread for all of our newbies.
Re: Low Carbers Tent
02 Feb 2016, 19:19
Just found this thread. There's a lot to look through on FastDay! :bugeyes:
I'm not low carb exactly, but trying to eat strict paleo, which has pretty much the same result. I'm really happy with 5:2 so far (3 fasts in), and think high fat is the key. I track my food (pretty much to the gram) on PaleoTrack - it's easy and free and not too splashy (hated a couple of other places - too much going on, I get off my purpose). I don't try to limit things by tracking - I just record what went in - and weighing requires no judgement. Not Whole 30 paleo yet - there's a couple of things in the cupboard I can't toss - won't name them, don't want to start someone else's craving - but when they are gone, they're gone. I have cravings, mostly based on visual cues and those cues are mostly CARBS!
Why Paleo? I was pretty strict a few years ago and my joint pain was gone!
Why didn't I maintain Paleo? I hate to cook, I love convenience and I'm so lazy about the house. However, Paleo cooking was really the first eating program where I had cooking success (thank you and, so if I'm going to cook, it's going to be Paleo. It's hard to mess up meat and veggies - add grains and such and everything becomes exponentially harder!
What's different this time? 5:2! It gives me 2 free days to just ignore the kitchen. I'm happy with my avocado (130g) and smoked salmon (56g). And FastDay! This is a great site. Everyone is so supportive and people seem really willing to open up and share their experience.
:heart: :clover:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
02 Feb 2016, 20:04
I'm low carbing at the moment. I cycle in and out of it from time to time as I find it hard to sustain when I have a travel schedule. I'm Whole30/bulletproof style and do well on a high fat, moderate protein diet and carbs below 50g if I'm very good, 100g if I'm being generous with myself. My carbs are mostly green veg and I eat alot of them. 75% of my plate is veg!
This week I'm bulletproof intermittent fasting which is basically fat only until lunchtime. Today one bulletproof coffee lasted me until 2.30pm. I still keep an eye on calories and I know everyone will say that is not the point if you are Whole 30 or Bulletproof, but for me I like to keep myself in check - and you need to know your cals if you are counting macros!
Re: Low Carbers Tent
25 Feb 2016, 17:40
Has anyone tried this...sugar and carb free for ten days? After which the cravings have supposedly vanished? ... in-10-days

@wildmissus how are you? X i love yr signature from way back... " if not now,when? "
Also what you wrote on page one of the low carb tent...
"Thanks @Azureblue for starting this tent. I've been doing a bit of reading over Christmas - @FatDog's thread, The Low Carb Revolution by John MacLean and stuff on the internet about Glycemic Index.

This is my very simplistic understanding -

We eat carbs, along comes Insulin which ultimately converts it to fat.
We eat low carb, along comes glucagon to turn fat back into energy for our use.
Leptin tells us when we are satiated but our leptin levels can become low when we diet/reduce calories and low carb, which causes the famine effect. So to counteract that we have a day of non low carbing.
So we want to encourage glucagon for fat burning, to keep leptin levels high and to keep insulin levels low/level.

Also carbs by the way of sugar and refined whites have no nutritional value whatsoever, we do not need them to survive (but why do they have to taste so good :grin: ). We do however need protein,fat and fibre "
Re: Low Carbers Tent
26 Feb 2016, 07:25
Ive been low-carbing since July (they call it Banting here in South Africa). Have lost 10 kg which Im happy with, although I am not as strict as I should be. I eat apples and other fruit which is forbidden for strict Banters! From 1st March I am going to try the 16-8 approach to intermittent fasting as well, as my weight loss seems to have stalled. Is this working for anyone?
Re: Low Carbers Tent
26 Feb 2016, 11:33
Thanks @maryannemcconnell x
Banting..thats interesting,i read that a DoctorBanting was one of the first advocates of dieting a long time back!
Well done on yr fasting successs... And good luck with 16:8 ..16:8 or similar works well for many folk...theres a 16:8 thread here somewhere..
Ps if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you' ll see a window saying " jump to.." And a box..scroll thru the options and you' ll come to ' fasting windows'..lots of 16:8 discussions there xx
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