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Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Apr 2017, 06:49
I want to get this tent moving again.
If tom Kerridge can do it so can we, anyone seen his low carb dopamine diet book. Some great recipes in there, loads of meat and a few good soups. Not for people veggies or those wanting to cook on a hurry as some are a bit of a faff. :oops:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Apr 2017, 09:32
Hi @carieoates,
I'm low carbing apart from the occasional weekend treat of toast under my scrambled eggs or some sort of potato with my steak and salad. That combined with 5:2 and I'm now finally down to a weight I haven't seen for ages.
I looked at Tom Kerridge's book when he launched it, and decided it was one I could do without, but I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Apr 2017, 10:58
Starting next week I'm going to reduce my carbs again. Not exactly "low" but lower! I hope it helps!
Re: Low Carbers Tent
12 Apr 2017, 12:31
Ooh, i had forgotten we had this tent!
Thanks @carieoatesfor resurrecting it,and thanks AB @azureblue for starting it in the first gonna make a cuppa later and sit and read right thru it
Easter choccy hugs to you both,and to all X
Re: Low Carbers Tent
13 Apr 2017, 08:36
Happy Easter folks *waves to @CandiceMarie*

I've been much taken up by trying to get this sciatica reduced, slowly slowly, gently gently getting there, aided by naproxen from the doctor. I'm gradually upping my daily steps now, forced sitting has done me no good at all :shock: 80kgs is showing on the scales :bugeyes:

Grandchildren have been running round me at our nearest zoo yesterday so that got me over 5000 steps :cool: Onward smiling :smile:

Have a lovely sunny Easter everyone :heart:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
18 Apr 2017, 09:31
Have just re read the first ten pages of this thread
Soooooo much good info there,and what good old days back in 2014 when this place was buzzing with people and their thoughts and experiences and lots of jokes and laughs...great to see some of those oldtimer names again!xx
Wd recommend anyone to reread,i have only done ten pages but intend re reading the other 80 odd pages too ! X
@azureblue so sorry about the sciatica,i have it too at times.. It sucks doesnt it :confused:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 May 2017, 07:23
There is a lot to read Candy
I still enjoy some white brad toast now and then. Esp with poached eggs on the top. The person who invents a decent, good priced bread low carb substitute will be a millionaire
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 12:06
I knew there was a Low carb tent!! It seem that a few of us are trying to reduce our carbs lately and I thought I'd try to revive this tent as a resource. Perhaps we can share foods or recipes here. (I'll have to go back through and see what's already here!)

I am just trying to keep my carbs at 100g or less. Since I'm off for the summer, I've started making scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and a little onion for lunch (not breakfast since I'm also sticking to my eating window!) This is a great low carb way for me to start my day!

I also use low carb tortillas to make fajitas/wraps. I'm planning to make chicken gyros with them next week. I have to find a good recipe for that!

Anyway, does anyone have a great low carb food or recipe or tip to share?
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 13:17
Wow, I forgot this existed! Of course it was erected back in the day when I still saw "low-carb" as a dirty, nasty word. Sigh. Although to be honest, even back then I admitted they were probably right but I just didn't want to deal with it.

I guess i've gotten the sugar monster under better control, because I no longer want to issue a string of profanities when someone suggests low carb to me
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 14:00
Ok, I've read the first three pages and now I'm positively ravenous. Sigh.

I have some of this ... e-stir-fry in the fridge. It's low carb. So I may be breaking my fast in a few minutes.

(I didn't have any red curry powder, and I only had ground beef in the fridge. So I used spiced Madhur Jaffrey suggests for her kashmiri meatballs -- garam masala with lots of cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, etc, and lots of crushed red pepper)
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 14:21
I cannot get over @azureblue's rawkraken! That's pretty awesome @RawKaren!

@CarieOates - we're trying to rez this thread

Wondering how everyone is doing - also @pennyforthem, @callyanna, @Silverdarling, @Fatdog, @Wildmissus, @WendyDarilng, @Ballerina, @loversghost, and so many more!
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 14:35
I'm also trying to do low carb! I find it the hardest part, because I love sugar so much, but I know it is the key for me to lose weight.
Hey @Tracieknits
I have made some of diet doctor's cabbage slaw recipes. My family loved them! I made the one with beef and blue cheese, and I made one with pork and cheddar cheese. So satisfying!
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 14:40
nycnyc2013 wrote: Hello,
I'm also trying to do low carb! I find it the hardest part, because I love sugar so much, but I know it is the key for me to lose weight.
Hey @Tracieknits
I have made some of diet doctor's cabbage slaw recipes. My family loved them! I made the one with beef and blue cheese, and I made one with pork and cheddar cheese. So satisfying!

Thanks @NYCNYC2013!
It's honestly taken me a few years to get to the point why I am comfortable trying low carb, so don't beat yourself up too much if it's super hard at first. Honestly when this thread first came out, I was sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting "LA LA LA I CAN"T HEAR YOU!"

A couple of years ago, my endocrinologist suggested I aim for between 100 and 150g per day, with the target being 125g/day. That was my "good" days when I felt I was behaving. And I had plenty of naughty days. A couple of weeks ago, my new endocrinologist said "nope - 60g/day"

I was just looking at the blue cheese crack slaw, as I have a very small hunk in my fridge. But I decided I didn't have nearly enough. So the blue cheese is augmenting a salad tonight.
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 17:01
Hi folks, I hope you're all enjoying good weather and thus a reduced appetite so making low carb that bit easier.
I've been adding inulin to my evening decaff coffee and it has seemed to drop 1.5 kg off the scales, so hurrah :smile:
I've also been drinking 2 or 3 tiny bottles of red wine a week, they're 18cl so a good glassful and it means I always have fresh rather than going-vinegary 3 days old stuff.
The grandchildren (and Grandad) are leading me down paths of cakes and trifle which I must severely curtail, but it's birthday season so it would be rude not to! Perhaps I might try just having 3 bites only.
Happy Summer to you all :cool: :heart: :smile:
Re: Low Carbers Tent
06 Jul 2017, 18:34
Thanks for the tagTracieknits @. After hitting the dizzy heights of 76 kg (ie 14kg gained) after a holiday plus a wedding weekend about 3 wks ago I thought 'no more' because I felt so hideous. Started the 8wk BSD last week - 8lbs off wk 1; only a pound so far this week but hey, weight loss is not linear, so I keep being told. Now my 'low carb flu' has gone I feel fine. I have found it easier to eat low carb than ages ago when I tried it before because I went from eating probably 200+g a day to under 50g. Felt SHOCKING and was dragging myself around like an old lady. I have not eaten cereal/rice/pasta/bread/potatoes for a looong time now so it wasn't as much of a shock (my demon was chocolate). I tried a dress on to go on holiday 3wks ago and it pulled so badly across the hips and stomach that it was unwearable and today it is loose; my body fat has dropped for the first time I don't know how long. :smile:

I am eating under 50g carbs daily and no artificially sweetened drinks any more. I get loads of fab recipes from the DietDoctor site and the MM cookbook. I eat twice a day (because my hunger is non existent most of the time). I am doing the fast version because we are going to the US on a tour at the end of August for 2w and I don't want to feel horrible and enormou when I go. I think low carb is definitely the way to go - you eat lots of real food and you can choose to be as strict or not as you wish. My added incentive that my lovely brother had a gastric bypass last year to help his insulin dependent type 2 diabetes; he has lost 12st but by god it ain't an 'easy option'. I don't want to go there.

Really glad this thread is up and running again peeps!
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