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Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
27 Jul 2016, 18:24
Thanks @Tracieknits, I forgot I had your email although it took a bit of searching around my PM's to find it. I now have you on my might regret that :lol:.
Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
16 Aug 2016, 20:11
Hello buddy!

You're back with us now off your holibobs - hurrah, it's good to have you back!

Are you back in the swing of things? Back to work, etc? If so, I have a question for you! What is your take on clothes in, the massive variation in sizes depending on which make you buy? Reason for asking is this:- right now, I am every size from a UK 12 (a skirt...just the one, mind...but not elasticated I'll have you know!) to a size 18 (pair of M&S Capri pants...which honestly could never have really been an 18 in the first place given that I wore them without a belt yesterday!). Today, I tried on a size 14 Per Una jacket. I always think of them as being a bit mean on the sizing front...but it swamped me...hurrah! It's all so confusing. Am suffering an identity crisis....I'd really like to know what size I properly am right now - suspect it's a 14 if the truth be known - but heck, that's quite an improvement from an 18/20 anyway!!

Here's something that might make you laugh. I'm typing this on a Bluetooth keyboard which has a groove to slot my iPad into. Only had the keyboard since February, but it has started to not let me have a capital "u". This is tricky when you want to write about the M&S posh brand mentioned I've just had to apply some sneaky outwit the keyboard. Oh yes, I typed Uranus instead and it automatically corrected it to give me a capital I deleted the letters I didn't want and put "na" in afterwards, tee hee!!! Clever, eh??

So, I just thought I'd resurrect this thread now that you are home! I've missed catching up with you xx
Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
16 Aug 2016, 21:45
Yep, I'm certainly back but still playing catch up with all the washing and ironing. Well, the weather here has been nice so yesterday I took the girls down to the beach with a rug and some sandwiches - quality time!

While we were away I embraced the Greek food, lots of feta, garlic and olives, and I do mean lots so I came home a little heavier than I went away but only 2lbs which I'm well pleased with. I have been thinking about my current weight (12st 5lbs) and I'm hoping to just keep plodding on with two fasts a week, starting next week, in the hope that I'll lose a pound here and there. As you know I have a lot of other things on my mind and feel that I'd be expecting too much from myself by trying to focus on weight loss as well as trying to focus on the rest of my life. However I also feel that if I can keep my weight down and eat healthy then I will feel better and that will help keep me strong. How is your weight, have you lost any more or are you still maintaining?

What size am I, my quick answer to that is 12/14. As you know I work with clothes and end up buying a lot of them and today as they have a special 25% off week I came home with a pair of size 14l skinny jeans, a size 14 summer top, and a size 14 light weight jumper. The jeans look great but a little neat at the waist, the summer top fits perfectly and the jumper is roomy. Considering that they have all come from the same shop you would think that I would only take one size. I actually have a size 8 vest top, a couple of size 10 tops then mainly size 12's and 14's all from Sainsbury's. A lot of the tops are of the 1980's oversized style so it is a pleasure to go a size down to not have them too baggy. Another shop I like to buy from is White Stuff where I can be a size 10, 12 or 14. I hate clothes shopping and trying things on so often buy online and often ordering three sizes of the same item! So like you I find it difficult to know what size to go for but it has been a long time since I've had to buy a size 16. I don't fret over what size my clothes are as much as I used to, as long as they look good on me I'm happy...and I'm well chuffed with skinnies I bought today.

Your U story made me laugh and very clever. I have one for you. When we were coming home and going through security at Corfu airport there was a sign saying please remove your ipad, notebook or tablet from your bag. So Jen got our her Kindle Fire and her paper notebook! And she got 5 A's and a B in her exams - intellegent but not a lot of common sense.
Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
17 Aug 2016, 22:07
2lbs????? You utter lightweight!! Why, I've been away with girlfriends for 3 nights in the past...and put on 6 or 7lbs (dinner, bed and breakfast...and regular stops punctuating our retail therapy sessions) easy!! 2 weeks away...and you only gain 1lb a week? That is nothing short of incredible!! Go you, buddy!

Size 14 skinnies?? Stop, stop, this is all getting too much....! I look ridiculous in skinnies as I have thunder thighs, tee hee!! But to balance it up...I am now feeling bones in my shoulders when I shower! Who knew?? Guess we all have our stubborn areas, don't we? Not sure I've ever met a woman who is happy with all of her body anyway....Sensible attitude not fretting about actual sizing - much better to focus on how an item looks on you. Might poach that idea...

You are very sensible to be making such plans re fasting and eating healthily too. You definitely don't need any added pressure and besides, you need to focus on being kind to yourself and not beating yourself up about unnecessary things right now. Good idea.

I am jogging along, losing a pound here and there each week. Am not weighing out my food or recording it like I did on the 8 weeks of true BSD...but I am still doing 16:8 every day and generally sticking to the principles that have served me so well since May. I currently weigh 12st 7lbs (was 15st 3lbs on May 9th) so I am well-chuffed. The nice thing is, I feel good about myself when I look in the mirror these days. I enjoy clothes again & wear things that make me happy. The funny thing is, not many people comment about my new shape. Back in 2014, people never stopped noticing...but for some reason, it's very different this time. The even more funny thing is, I find I am telling myself "Nobody needs to know you are doing're happy with how it's going...and that's enough - so don't even think about it. You don't need other people as your motivation" That is soooooo different for me - a complete attitude change from someone who has always needed validation from others in order to feel OK. Maybe I'm growing up...finally!

Must say, I loved your story about Jen! It really made me smile...and I could so relate to it too! My Emily would do exactly the same, I can tell you! Very clever...but utterly devoid of even an ounce of common sense! Bless them both - for they do provide much comedy value don't they??! Em is 24 and has only had one boyfriend - from the age of 17 to about 19. At some point during that time, she applied online for a part time job. Only when she'd hit the "send" button did she enquire whether she was right to tick "In a civil partnership" as her relationship status. "Well, I'm not married, not divorced and I'm not single because I've got a I must be in a civil partnership...because that was the only other option, Mum! What is a civil partnership, Mum?" Her face was a picture when I explained..........
Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
22 Aug 2016, 08:46
I'm so pleased to hear that things are very different for you this time. I did worry that you did so well on bsd that when you stopped you would just go back to you old ways and the weight would creep on again but to keep losing a bit more here and there is amazing. Then there is the fact that you are beginning to like, well done you.

After the success of buying myself a pair of skinnies which are azure blue in colour I decided to look at buying another pair whilst the 25% offer was still on. They have a new pair in - a blue/grey denim with little zips at the ankle which I had to order online as they didn't have my size in the shop. I ordered the 14l and they are far too big in the waist but neat in the legs, so they are going back, the 12l would be far too tight in the legs so that was a fail. However I had also ordered skinnies for Jen in dark denim and black and asked her about the fit and she said that whilst both fitted they fitted differently. Last night I came home with the dark denim and the 14l fitted like a glove. So now I have two pairs of skinnies I can wear with confidence.

26 Aug 2016, 22:16
Ooh...skinnies...the stuff of my dreams...but not my reality...considering my chunky thighs! Yes, they're less chunky than they were, but as is often the case, we lose fat from all sorts of weird and wonderful places before we ever lose it from where we want to lose it from! By way of example...I now have bones in my shoulders......who knew? But the chunky thighs cling stubbornly on...and will probably be the last things to go, ha ha!

Am delighted for you re the skinnies, dear buddy - for I know just what it means. Better than that was to read that you wrote the word "confidence" - fantastic!! I'm all in favour of you gaining some confidence. Have you been out and about in your skinnies yet?? Bet you look fabulous....
Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
05 Sep 2016, 09:34
Hi ladies,
Just popped in for the first time in ages. I love the new colour scheme. Sorry to hear things are not happy on the home front wildmissus but wow, look at the weight dropping off you all. Tracieknits, you look like a different person. Is it time for you hazelnut and wildmissus to change your pics?
I have read your latest posts and am glad to have caught up with you.
I have just returned from a Greek holiday too, put on 2lb in a week but I'm not surprised as there were a lot of carbs involved! I have gained quite a substantial amount of the weight over the past 18 months that I originally lost and am 1st more than I was at Christmas 2014 but my clothes still fit! I took up running in January of this year so perhaps that's the reason for the weight gain but body shape not changing. Either that or I haven't been concentrating hard enough!

10 Sep 2016, 11:37
Very nice to hear from you @wendy darling - sorry for the delay in posting. Life should get back to normal now the summer hols are over....

How are you, buddy @wildmissus?? I owe you an email - will do my very best to reply over the weekend.

I've just started the ball rolling for a new challenge - though typical me, I posted it in the wrong topic! Had no idea there was a "Challenges" topic - what a twit! No matter...what's important is the actual challenge. I am letting myself off the hook a bit too much at the moment - so I need to hold myself more accountable.

Must dash as I'm going out...and am not nearly ready!!! Xx
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