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Wild 'n' Nuts!
01 Jun 2015, 16:10
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    01 Jun 2015, 16:40
    Ooh, @wildmissus - that's not a very good start to our new tent, is it?! My first post had nothing in it....and I've just somehow deleted the second one! Hope it isn't a sign......Here's my third attempt:-

    Welcome everyone to our new buddy tent! Wild and I have decided to join forces and buddy up as we need to make ourselves more accountable....and get on with the serious business of shedding unwanted poundage!

    On here, we will be mainly talking about food.......eating it, not eating it, wanting to eat it, eating too much of it and dreaming of eating it! No, not really, we have plenty of other things to say - honest! Visit us on here and you will be treated to our views on....Life, The Universe and Everything.....probably......

    I need to dash now though. There's a tub of soup with my name on it (fasting today) and then I am racing out to a charity fashion show. Might have a glass of am not driving for a change! Not expecting too much though - think it's mainly M&S outlet stuff. My only problem is......I need a dress. Before Saturday. For my brother's 50th birthday party. In a posh London hotel. But I am a pear. And I'm running out of time....panic panic!! Oh yes....I'm a notorious back-end loader!

    Will report back later.......xx
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    01 Jun 2015, 20:53
    Oh how lovely! I look forward to partying with all my buds in the W n N tent!
    Hope you find that dress Hazel xx
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    01 Jun 2015, 21:12
    Hello Candy!

    Picture the scene:- over 80 or so well-over 50 year olds.....watching a number of Size 10 & 12 young models.....modelling Top Shop, River Island etc stuff! Hmm, didn't see anything remotely sensible to even try on!! Left the venue with a bit of a complex...ha ha!

    Am off to Exeter tomorrow to see what I can find there....How hard can it be to find a dress? I'll let you know!!

    Tell me about your day Candy - how did it go?? Xx
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    01 Jun 2015, 21:29
    I hope theres a dress with your name on it tomorrow in Exeter!
    My day...i had too many cals for a real fast day but it was a re - start!
    Been researching Slimmers World..I might join for twelve weeks.. Free membership at the moment and 12 classes for the cost of a free recipe book worth £ 13! I think a weekly weigh in might just give me a kick in the pants as well as 5:2 for the next 3 months!
    And for the over 60s, the weekly fee is a whole 30 p cheaper - bargain! :lol:
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 07:20
    @Hazelnut20 how long do you have to get your dress ?

    Have you ever seen this place

    The 50's dresses on there are beautiful and great for us egg timer shaped ladies ( in my case the salt has definitely sunk to the bottom !) you just have to watch the sizing as they are made to 50's not modern day sizes.

    @CandiceMarie I have a friend who swears by Slimming World she has lost oodles of weight with them and swears by it though she doesn't 5:2, but I do have a colleague who does WW on her non fast days and that works well for her so combining 2 methods does seem to work :-)
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 11:51
    Hello nutty crew, I will join you when I have a minute to spare.
    Hazelnut @Hazelnut20would you like me to remove that empty first post. I have the power..........
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 17:15
    Thanks @RedRobin good to get some feedback on that x
    Hey and by the way! Never feel like a new girl...jump in and chat whenever you one on here is " cliquey" .. Old and new,we're all the same...even the oldtimers here were newbies once and we are all friends together xx
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 19:21
    @Hazelnut20, buddy - thanks so much for starting this thread. I'm a wee bit late to our party, that's not like me I'm usually early.

    Any sign of a new dress yet? I've been going through some of my clothes and I've got so many lovely clothes that hide at the bottom of the drawers. Am I the only one who tends to wear the same things all the time - after they have been washed of course! Some of my clothes are getting a bit tight so I am here to be more accountable for what I am eating.

    I had a successfulish fast yesterday. Had a row with OH and I lost my appetite so ended up with a couple of slices of cheese and a couple of digestives, not quite what I had planned. OH said sorry today so all is well, or at least that is what he thinks, I'm sure I can make him suffer a bit longer :grin: .

    My youngest daughter, Jen, did an amazing thing on Saturday. She had her long hair shaved off for charity :shock: . It is something she had be wanting to do for ages and I'm so proud of her. She is 14 years old and has raised around £1200 for a local children's hospice and her hair is being sent away to The Princess Trust who make wigs for children with cancer. She says her head feels like velcro and is wearing a woolly hat to bed. Her highlight was that Tilda Swinton (who lives in our town) gave her a big hug and rubbed her head!

    Back to food. Today has been a normal day...whatever normal means. Again I've been too busy - working 7am -2pm, home and have lunch, painting the bathroom door, shower, make the dinner (Hairy Dieters Sweet & Sour Chicken), and here I am on the forum. I have also eaten a small packet of Doritos, a fresh cream chocolate eclair, some digestive biscuits and a chocolate flapjack...oh dear!

    Tomorrow is a normal day and I am NOT going to have any biscuits or cakes, despite oldest daughter planning to bake tomorrow. I clearly need to get to grips with my sweet tooth.

    Its great to have others join in the party - low calorie alcohol of course and celery (yuk) sticks for nibbles.
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 19:41
    Great name for a tent @hazelnut20 what a great nutty pair you will make :lol:
    Looking forward to hearing about the new frock. How about popping into the fashionista tent for some ideas?
    @wildmissus what a great thing that Jen has done. I can crochet her a beanie :grin:
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 19:45
    Oh @Wildmissus, perhaps not your intent, but you've made me feel a whole lot less guilty for my own fall off the wagon. I fell off hard in November, and really haven't managed to get back on for more than a few days at a pop. I was 53 pounds down in November, today I am only 45 pounds down >.< oops. Although for the past three weeks I was 49 pounds down, pretty consistently. Of course that's less than halfway to goal.

    What a great daughter you've raised, to do that for other kids. You must be so proud!!!!

    @Hazelnut20 - any luck with the dress?
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 19:56
    @Wendy Darling, what a good idea. I taught Jen to crochet a wee while ago, she could make her own :grin: .

    @Tracieknits, sadly I am reading of too many people in the same place as ourselves. I stay on the forum in the hope that things might change or someone might come on and wave a magic wand.

    I think Jen is amazing but she looks like a thug now :lol: !
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    02 Jun 2015, 21:44
    Just had a quick skim through - will be checking in on you ladies!

    @wildmissus - I had my head shaved too a few years ago - raised a ton of money and sent my hair off for wig-making too.

    Was about this time of year as I thought it would be warm then it went and did the same as this year and turned cold and I was wearing a fleecy hat indoors! I used to wake up feeling velcro'd to the pillow and got offered seats a lot on the tube and lots of funny looks but I didn't care! Actually liked my hair when it was really really short too! Well done to your daughter anyway!
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    03 Jun 2015, 08:31
    Oh I love a party...but I'm allergic to nuts. D'you think I'll be safe in this tent?!!
    Firstly @Wildmissus what a wonderful daughter you have. I was so impressed and touched by that. I just hope her hair grows back quickly :wink:
    @Hazlenut20 any luck with the dress? Will we get to see a little piccy or two? :shock:
    I feel a bit guilty saying I'm going to join Slimming World but its purely to help get me through the non-fast days which were always my undoing. I haven't lost weight for ages and am now much heavier than I was last year so I need to give myself a good kick in the butt!
    Candy @Candicemarie quick question: If you book up for 12 weeks but you're going to be away for 2, can you pause it or will the 2 weeks away be included? :confused:
    Anyway, love this tent (if my allergy doesn't kick in!) and look forward to the chat xx
    Re: Wild 'n' Nuts!
    03 Jun 2015, 09:10
    Not too sure @nursebean but i' ll check tonight...from what she said on the phone, i think its ok,long as you tell them yr hol dates the night you start x will let you know tonite x
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