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The big advantage of low carb diets is that they lower blood sugar dramatically, even for people with Type 2 diabetes who have been running very high blood sugars for years. They can utterly transform their health, and because they make such a big difference in how they feel, people with diabetes are able to stick to these diets much better than most other people who try them. I have friends who have been eating very low carb for well over a decade. However, they will be the first to say that after a period of a few months at the start, they don't lose weight on them unless they are quite obese to start out.

The other thing that a very low carb diet will do for people with abnormal blood sugars--even those whose abnormality is well below the threshold that doctors use to define abnormal blood sugar--is eliminate the hunger that make it very tough to cut back on food intake.

But if cutting carbs doesn't make you feel better and eliminate rabid, compulsive hunger, there is no major advantage to eating that way. Because it really is all about the calories. But for many people with diabetes that rabid hunger is what is driving weight gain. No one who has not experienced diabetic-blood sugar-driven hunger can understand how it takes over your life and turns you into an eating machine. Still, after you eliminate the hunger, you have to eliminate the habit/social eating, which can also be tough. We are just so used to eating because it is time to eat, and because others are eating around us. Or because we are watching TV or at a party, etc.
I don't think there is any miracle food that will cure all ills.

If you *like* coconut oil, there's no problem with using it in moderation as part of a healthy diet. However I know a few people who don't use it in moderation, and who firmly believe that it will make their lives perfect. A year or so later, they look unchanged to me.

I do not think excessive use of any fat is healthy.

Personally, I think it tastes disgusting. It does not work well for me in my hair, and while it's a decent moisturizer, I can't bear smelling like that.
I can't use it on hair or skin because we have a septic tank, instead of main drainage and I would be terrified of it blocking our waste system completely! I don't fry much either, so my jar has been lurking in the back of the fridge for months! :frown:
@StowgateResident, I've never used it in my hair, but yikes. I'm on a septic system too and hadn't thought of the impact of washing it down the drain!

I've already had some problems just from washing containers with a bit of dissolved protein powder down the sink. It behaves and looks just like latex paint in the tank and the guy who comes to clean the tank every few years lectured me severely about not putting any more paint into the system. We hadn't used paint, just that vanilla whey protein powder!
Well, @peebles, better give up on the protein powder and eat 'proper' protein instead! I wouldn't want you to gum up your septic tank! :smile:
I gave up protein powder when I gave up very low carb dieting. But I have been wondering about that thick Greek yogurt as OH eats a ton of it and washes the containers in the sink. Will find out next summer when the pumper comes round again.
In the interest of us oldies bumping possibly useful threads, there was some interesting research again on coconut oil. Whilst it is another rat experiment, rats with high BP were put on a combo of coconut oil and given exercise, and their blood pressure returned to normal levels. The rats also showed reduced oxidative stress (free radical damage). ... W4OsFxViko
Here's a recent analysis of trials of MCT oil (as found in coconut oil) in humans:
Suggests mild improvement in weight loss with MCT.
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