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Re: Home made pizza feast
26 Apr 2014, 22:38
I make my own pizza dough without the bread maker as I found it was easier. I usually make 6 bases and freeze the two we don't use.
I saw the meatza today looked interesting.
Re: Home made pizza feast
26 Apr 2014, 23:23
Mmm, home made pizza! When I was at home ever Saturday night was pizza and red wine night. We make our own base too, just mix the dough ingredients in a bowl and leave to rise while we go out. Simple!! We have found that adding a small amount of rye flour to the mix, or kneading the dough with rye flour gives it a bit of a wood fire taste. Lovely!!!
Re: Home made pizza feast
26 Apr 2014, 23:31
sounds yummy Phil! We had pizza too last night. I don't have a bread maker so I use my food processor with the plastic blade and its mixed in a minute. I used to make it on the day and wait for it to rise. Then I looked up a new recipe ( I think it was called New Yorks best pizza dough) on Google and it said that you can slow rise the dough in the fridge for between 24-72 hours. So that's what I did and it was great. It also means I can make the dough on Wednesday when I'm at home ready for Saturday night. I'm happy to low carb all week long as long as I can have my pizza on Saturday night. I don't think you'll need an extra fast day Phil unless you want to. And I don't count calories on non fast days but that's a personal choice. ( I did for about 2 weeks on my fitness pal just to see my calories but chose not to continue that long term).
The other pizza tip I used for a crispy base but chewy too. Don't used bake paper. Oil the pizza tray and if you can get the pizza tray with little holes in it then even better.
Re: Home made pizza feast
26 Apr 2014, 23:48
The ncauliflower pizza base is yummy and VERY filling. You can't really pick it up to eat it, so knife and fork are usually necessary, but who cares when it tastes this good. I do tend to have dough based (home made dough most of the time) with the men in the family for convenience and because I usually share with hubby, which means I have enough baking trays. If I have my cauliflower its an extra tray and an extra shelf in the oven.
Taste wise I do prefer the cauliflower base and must really get back into the habit of making it.
Re: Home made pizza feast
27 Apr 2014, 05:04 ... 27o3v.html
I might have linked this before but it is the best pizza dough ever. You have to start the night before but well worth it. I also have to admit we have a wood fire oven so that also helps
For lazy pizza nights we use shop bought bases and cook in our electric pizza oven ... DcQMygAMAA
It's really good, better than cooking in the oven.
Drat hungry for pizza now!!
Re: Home made pizza feast
27 Apr 2014, 07:30
Yup @philxjr i usually have either my TDEE or a bit below it on non fast days
Trouble is,at times i eat someone else's TDEE as well ! :lol: :grin: :lol: x
Re: Home made pizza feast
21 Sep 2014, 23:40
Sue.Q wrote: Yes I'm low carbing @clairemarie But not to the extreme we do need the occasional treat but I don't actually like pitta bread but have tried a tortilla/wrap once and was so so, but you've just jogged my memory I've bookmarked a cauliflower pizza base from the forum so after my holiday I'll put that on the menu :heart:

Hi @Sue.Q, I was wondering if you ever made that cauliflower pizza? I've been meaning to make it forever and as I'm on holidays and wheat/gluten free for one more week that this is the week I will finally make it. @rawkaren posted a link in the low carbers tent with a recipe that uses chia seeds which helps to bind it which I think I will try. Did you follow the recipe exactly Karen? Any tips?
Also, how's it going @philxjr?
Re: Home made pizza feast
22 Sep 2014, 08:01
Like you still not tried bought another cauliflower this weekend but in truth probably (ditto my answer above) make it after my hols as were off next weekend, deffo on the horizon.
Only me liking pizza so that's probably the reason for my delay.
Re: Home made pizza feast
22 Sep 2014, 09:01
After doing the same ol same ol kind of homemade pizza, I came up with something new (but not very good for you); store-bought kit (like Sara Lee) the spicy kind, fried 200-300gr ground meat along with one packet chopped up bacon and one onion. Season with a bit of taco spice, chili sauce, tabasco and whatever you want. One bag of grated pizza cheese - half goes on the tomato sauce and the other hall on top of the topping. Top-top it of with 3 eggs. Sooooo yummy! :grin:
Re: Home made pizza feast
20 Oct 2016, 08:11
some people think pizza making is very tough..actually its very easy..the main part of its is preparing ingredient..dough is too easy. :razz:
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