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Well I think I need to temper some of his advice by recalling that the vast majority of his patients are in for type II diabetes, which can be cured by diet. I'm not -- I'm in for a bad thyroid and my blood sugars are fine, especially now that my thyroid is under control and I've lost 70 lbs. So he's probably used to dishing out diet advice for people with the issues that accompany type II. That's part of the reason I feel fine adjusting his advice a bit. We'll see how it goes.

I had stated I hoped to lose 20 lbs per year. I'm thinking I'll lose 40 more and see how I feel. I am not prepared to set a final goal weight yet. But I'm moderately tall, so my weight doesn't need to get very low.

And yes, you get it about the high quality bread. We also have a French bakery in town that makes baguettes to rival the ones in Paris that win awards. I reasonable portion of high quality bread is something I will find a way to put into my diet, in moderation. And wine LOL
Hi Guys -
Checking in after week 1. I did an ok job, I guess. I was great at home, I'm also not working now and so it's easier for me to cook and eat at home. But then we went away to the beach for the weekend. I was good about my meals - lots of broiled seafood, and I never had dessert (which is usually my biggest issue!) but I did drink more than I probably should have, and I had some sugary cocktails, not just low carb wines. But my weight looks good so I'd give myself a star!

Also, I bought a new diet book, The Pioppi Diet, it recommends one day of fasting per week. I haven't read it yet. My husband thinks I'm ridiculous, I just like new diet books!

Love the pictures @tracieknits

Good luck everyone!
Thanks @NYCNYC2013 -- let us know what you think of the book. I saw it advertised on
@nycnyc2013 - I've given you a star! I read a lot of "diet" or healthy eating/exercise books, posts, etc. It helps to give you new ideas and keep your head in the game!

I'm feeling a little better since Monday, although I didn't end up weighing myself again. I got my walk in yesterday, but had kind of a weird eating day. I had a normal lunch and then I went to donate blood. I was considering treating myself to a Starbucks Frappuccino (without coffee) or frozen yogurt as a reward for donating blood. However, I didn't end up donating blood, because my iron was too low AGAIN!! (it's still in the normal range for a female my age, but too low to donate blood.) So I was sort of annoyed and frustrated by this and almost got the treat anyway, but then decided against it! I ended up having some multigrain chips and hummus when I got home and then wasn't really hungry for dinner, so I didn't have any. I did have a Yasso bar! So my calories were pretty low yesterday and my carbs were under 100g, but they were sort of high percentage wise.

Anyway, today I have lunch plans and we are going to this pizza place. But I've already looked at the menu and decided on a salad and maybe a lower carb appetizer to go with it! And I'll be getting my walk in before.

Ok, I'm done rambling now! Hope everyone is having a great week!
That sounds like a pretty reasonable day, @cblasz!

I had a frustrating morning for a bit this morning. Yesterday I was in a FOUL mood. Just foul. I was blaming it on Facebook and news, and low carb, but it was all my bad attitude.

Then I got on the scale this morning and I was 5.5 pounds heavier!!!!! And a full percent of body fat down!!! So that right there told me it was water because I really honestly and truly have been behaving and sticking to plan. I actually googled gaining 6lbs overnight. And the first article I pulled up reminded me women have fun with hormones. Checked the calendar and sure enough, it's that time. Sigh. I'm comforting myself in the full percentage of body fat down and the fact that I had to fasten my bra on the tightest hooks today, because the middle ones were too loose. Just a few weeks ago, the loosest ones were starting to feel a big snug.

So I went into my fitbit app and deleted that offensive weight on the scale >.< Because clearly, deleting it means it nevver happened. (insert eyeroll here).

Today is a more moderate carb day, aiming for 125g. I actually did better than my goals for Monday and Tuesday, hitting 50g each day (instead of the 60g I had allotted myself). Last night was a dinner of kielbasa on the grill with sauerkraut and cauliflower florets. I tried something new, and I cut the florets fairly large and tossed them with oil and spices. Then I roasted them on the grill in a basket thingie because it was too hot to cook indoors. It turned out really well! My carb splurge yesterday was fresh cherries and wholemilk yogurt that I strained for a little while before eating. Who knew that straining the yogurt removed carbs? The whey has most of the milk sugars in it, which is why cheese is low/no carb but milk has carbs. I had no idea.

You learn something new every day ;-)

I'm on track for an easy day today. I had a lovely breakfast with 36g carbs -- a slice of sourdough bread, toasted, topped with peanut butter, mashed avocado and three thin slices of instant bacon. Sounds weird but it's super delicious. It was in Gwynneth Paltrow's cookbook (a gift, my sister is a huge fan) and saw the "recipe" and thought - that's crazy enough to work. It's delicious and very filling. I am usually not hungry for six hours or so after I eat that.

Off to a dentist appointment and fairly busy day. I hope to be back on later.
@Tracieknits - that must have been horrible stepping on the scale and seeing that! But, as you said there's no way you could gain that much weight overnight. So, just keep doing what you are doing and drink lots of water and you'll be back down in no time! Was it any better this morning?
Sorry you had to see that @tracieknits Sounds alarming!
I'm sure you're right and that weight doesn't count. Just like cblasz said, keep up the water and you'll be back down. Good luck today!
I had another strange eating day yesterday. Part of it was due to the fact that my father had knee surgery, after which his heart stopped. It started again, but they took him by ambulance to the hospital for tests. This truly scared the heck out of me. For those of you who don't know, we lost my brother just a couple of years ago, and we are not ready to lose my father. Not that I will ever be probably! Anyway, he is 1000 miles away in Florida, so I couldn't go to the hospital or anything. Luckily I had those lunch plans. I wasn't very hungry, but I still got what I had planned on and ate about half. And then after lunch, I did treat myself to that Starbucks frappuccino! But then I still wasn't very hungry for dinner and had a yogurt and later a few pieces of cheese. It is very strange for me not to be hungry for dinner, but I guess it's not a bad thing.

So far, the tests are coming back fine on my father. There's no sign of heart damage or disease. They will be doing an echo-cardiogram today. I talked to him this morning and he seemed good. I suspect it was a result of the surgery/anesthesia.

It did remind me though that life is short and tomorrow is never promised!
Thanks @NYCNYC2013 and @Cblasz!

OMG @Cblasz - how scary! I hope he comes out of this healthier than before. I know my mom is in much better shape now than she was last summer. It's always good to have all those tests done to make sure they nip something in the bud. I hope that his biggest concern next week is healing from his surgery. And tell him to do his physical therapy. I've been doing it for my knee arthritis and it's amazing the improvement I've seen.

I was still up 3 lbs today, but down 1.1% in body fat versus last week. I feel i'm doing all the right things, and I know it's hormonal, so I'm just going to ride this week out. Usually this effect lasts for 5 or 6 days. Sigh. Comes on like a lion and then slowly slinks away. So as long as the fat % remains down, and as long as I know I'm doing the right things according to plan (and I am behaving!), then that's all I can do. I'm also still almost 5 pounds down from a few weeks ago, even if you count the water weight as real.

That's actually one of the reasons I set up my star earnings the way I did, and I'm on track to earn another star tomorrow. I've logged every bite and sip, counted the carbs, made choices I'm proud of, gotten in my exercise and even scheduled a few treats. And today I'm wearing my smallest pair of blue jeans and they fit well -- they were too tight last time I tried them on, 3 weeks ago. That's all anyone can ask. I'm being the healthiest me I can be right now.
Dear @cblasz, very worrying and distressing for you re your dad, especially when you are so far away. At least it sounds like things are okay now. If there are more complications, do suggest your parents get second opinions on any doctor's advice if you are not happy with it. And how sad about your brother. Indeed it is a reminder about not knowing what a day will bring. Look after yourself too.

Dear @Tracieknits, it's good that you have been able to deal well with the "shock" of the scale reading. It's great that you are concentrating more on your eating behavior than what the scales say. (Apologies if that sounds condescending, I don't mean to be, just can't find the right words...) And it must be very pleasing that you are fitting into those jeans.

My eating has been okay apart from yesterday when I did feel hungry all day. I did my best to make healthy choices but did have a small chocolate covered (!!) icecream - not sure if it was hunger driven by that stage though. I ended up eating more overall yesterday than I "normally" do. I am trying to work out if I am okay with that. Perhaps my eating behavior today will determine that...
Oh I get it @Sassy1! I didn't think you were condescending at all :-) I know we have different attitudes towards weighing and I appreciate your being supportive of my different habits :heart: About 90% of the time, the information on the scale helps me to stay on track -- when I don't weigh, I tend to slip into bad habits. That's just me. But I understand human bodies are weird, and there may be readings that don't make sense. For example when you've been really good, and the scale goes up (there's a few legit reasons this could happen) or when you've been really bad and the scale goes down (for example, drinking too much alcohol dehydrates you and makes you show a temporary loss that isn't really fat). I know that my behaviors are more important than what the scale says. It's only a tool and it's only a *useful* tool insofar as I can not overreact to it and not let it rule my life. I know I've behaved really well this week. That's the most important thing.

And my physical therapist today mentioned she thought I looked slimmer too :-)

I'm sorry you were so hungry yesterday. Some days are like that. Bodies are weird! But Dr. Salis says it shouldn't be an issue if you eat mostly healthy foods and try to pay attention to when you're satisfied. Good luck and I hope tomorrow's easier on you :-)
Been very busy because of work. I have lost 1.8 kg in July. I am very pleased and my BMI is soon normal. My goal is 58 kg where I was 10 year ago.
Yesterday was a FD and it was difficult, I was very near eating more than 500 kcal. Some work days are stressful and now I noticed clearly that I have used food to balance stress. But I stayd in 500 and tried to relax. I slept well and now am gladiaattoripelin that I didaktiikka not give up.
Sorry of last post, because of Finnish language there comes sometimes strange words.
Bit early for a 'week 2' report, but as from tomorrow I will be on holiday for something like 2 weeks. This will mean that no scales will be available :cool: . Started at 64, now officially on 63.5, so that will do for maintenance in the first two weeks. It will also do for being right within my maintenance range at my 4 year fastiversary coming Sunday :grin: . Weather predictions are fine for the coming week, which will mean a lot of cycling on holiday, which will mean that I'm not worried about maintenance while on holidy :grin: Life is easy when you happen to like to be active as a hobby: usually loose weight while on holiday rather than gain :shock:
That's great @Orchid and @PJ-K! Well done, both of you :-)

I'm reporting in with week 2 complete. I'm giving myself another star because I'm very proud of the fact I stayed on track with my low carb eating. I was allowed 60g yesterday and I only ate 44g :-) I'm not stepping on the scale for a few more days because I know my hormones are currently crazy. But my smallest pair of jeans is fitting now, which is fabulous. They didn't fit last month.

I should go find my tape measure...

ETA my waist is 0.25" smaller than last August when I weighed 3 lbs less than I do now. The skinny jeans didn't lie to me :-)
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