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Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
11 Feb 2017, 10:50
@cblasz thank you :grin: (both for the wishes and moral support)

I wish you luck with all your 'plans' and 'un-plans' sounds challenging :smile: :clover:
Reading is probably a better thing to do rather than eat - so I might pop that one in for next weeks challenge too!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
11 Feb 2017, 11:17
Good point! It's very hard to eat and read at the same time!!! And it can also be a type of "escape" or stress reliever (depending on what you are reading), so in that way it is also better than food!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
12 Feb 2017, 00:21
Thanks @wakki22 (and hope you don't mind me mentioning, but have you read the recent thread on how to tag??) but I spoke a little soon about not overindulging... We went to a French soirée at a friend's last night, and everyone had prepared French themed food (apart from me, who just took the French Brie - I don't cook anything much beyond steamed/baked veggies and baked/BBQ meat). Lots of pastry and bread based dishes, both sweet and savory, and not a veg in sight, apart from the French Onion soup. It was all absolutely delicious. And I ate so much - probably close to 2 days worth of cals!! Didn't feel full either. I have a huge capacity for such (all) foods, which is why I normally avoid them and fill up with a lot of veg,

So today should ideally be a light day - full fast would be even better. Will see how I go. Miserable weather today, which won't help.

Lots of empathy for you and @cblasz with eating and other challenges. Belated birthday wishes too, and as long as you enjoyed your birthday indulgences, then don't feel guilty about having them. And I know how special events lead to more food consumed!!! I also know how easy it is to eat a whole large bag of crisps. Would you really be prepared to give them up?? Could you try buying small packets and limiting yourself to one? Have you tried putting a few in a bowl, and putting the rest of the packet out of the way? And not eating them mindlessly? I am sure you have tried all these things. Crisps are one thing I have given up, except for very rare occasions - but then, chocolate was always more my thing, and I "can't" (i.e. not prepared to) give that up. I think I have finally realized/accepted (???) that eating chocolate can only ever be for reward and the pleasure it can give - it would never be a nutritious choice! So I also have to accept that I will eat for those reasons, not just for hunger, and that if I am going to do that, then I also have to accept that that is then okay. If you can follow....

And cblasz I totally understand how a change in routine makes it so much harder to stick to resolutions. But sounds like you still have lots of resolve. Good luck! (But as for it being difficult to eat and read - NOT!! I do that almost all the time... Not a good habit but one that I am not prepared to give up. )

That's enough about me...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
12 Feb 2017, 21:36
Me again. Didn't make the 7/7, more like 4/7 re minimal indulgences, but I thought that might be the case. But only 1/7 was very indulgent, and I am very happy with how I compensated for that. So overall not too bad.

And one of the non-eating goals went well, not the other one...

How did everyone else go?
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
13 Feb 2017, 01:21
This is a test - @Sassy1Thanks for that! The week ended with a huge indulgence dinner - a buffet (official birthday dinner) ate way too much. Oh well this week will be better - see you in the next thread.
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