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Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
05 Feb 2017, 22:06
While I am sitting here in bed (!) I thought I may as well get the ball rolling with the next weekly challenge. :grin:

I will continue with my challenges from last week, this time aiming for 7/7 days success re the eating goals, and an improvement in my personal challenges. I can't think of any new strategies to employ to help increase my chance of success though! Ideas welcome.

So my repeated eating challenge is to eat according to hunger and strategies I plan to continue to employ include;
- having herbal teas after dinner
- making sure I feel replete after dinner
- limiting the added sugar foods to no more than about 200cals/day
- having a range of healthy snacks available.

What are your plans?

EDIT! I forgot to say that the behaviour I want to change is too much snacking in the evenings...
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
06 Feb 2017, 03:42
OK - this time in the correct thread!!
@sassy1 what is the specific challenge you'd like a strategy for? You have many!

Repeating myself from the other thread:
This weeks challenge for me will be to eat 500 cal on my fast days and not go over. Also to eat clean on the other days. Still sticking to my 3:4.
and...... NO CHIPPIES! (not gonna say no alcohol yet as it's my birthday this week and i'll more than likely fail)

Good luck all for your challenges! :clover: May the force be with you!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
06 Feb 2017, 10:43
I am aiming for the three fasts at under 500 cal, the continued exercise and also the cutting the crap. I had a reasonable week food wise though I struggled a bit exercise wise due to a visitor and some prosecco which left me a bit rough round the edges- 2 glasses! Not fair.
Had a serious lapse with cutting the crap - 500g of marzipan kinda evaporated over three days :oops: It was good though.
So, hopefully a successful week as the countdown to the holidays is marching (and speeding up) :shock:
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
06 Feb 2017, 11:49
Good morning!

I'm not going to add a new challenge this week. I'm going to work on the ones I have.
1) No sweets during the week
2) 15 minute walk every day
3) Glass of water in AM
4) Green tea in evening
5) Strict 7-8 hour eating window.

Good luck with your challenges everyone!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
06 Feb 2017, 14:43
I don't really want to add any new challenges. I think I'm doing pretty well and I just want to stay on track. I want to have my 3 light days, and keep the carbs down, especially on those 3 days.
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
06 Feb 2017, 22:00
To undo the weekends naughtiness that is all.
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
07 Feb 2017, 02:40
Hi @carieoates, I know what you mean about undoing weekend naughtiness... What strategies in particular will you be using? Good luck! :clover:
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
07 Feb 2017, 06:41
Cutting the sugar sassy, that's all I have to do. I can do it Monday to Friday easy, but come the weekend and I'm useless. It's birthday Saturday, so f I can hold it together till then I won't be too disappointed as Birthday weekends are meant for treats aren't they. :wink: :wink:
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
09 Feb 2017, 01:08
Already fallen off the wagon re the NO chippies challenge.

I guess I need to be more realistic. Maybe just sticking to the other challenges like the IF 3:4 for 6 weeks (4 weeks down)- that's tough enough.
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
09 Feb 2017, 01:21
Hi again @wakki22

By chippies do you mean potato crisps (a snack bought in a packet) or potato chips (cooked, as in fish and chips)? I assume the former?

What do you believe the reason was for eating these when you had hoped not to? Perhaps by thinking about why you ate them, you might be able to come up with a strategy for avoiding them in future? Or maybe (like me and chocolate) you will decide that these are a food you don't want to give up completely, and think of ways to contain the amount you eat.

Or maybe, as you say, doing anything about chippies can wait until you have a few weeks of IF under the belt.

Good luck anyway! :clover:
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
09 Feb 2017, 22:29
How is everyone going this week? I haven't quite been sticking to my added sugar limit while away from home (as I expected), but I haven't overindulged either, so that is something.

We have had some very hot weather but it is pleasant today - it's cleaning day before we have some more tenants tomorrow, so I won't be able to enjoy as much of the day as I would like, but at least I did go on a short bike ride this morning,

I am just having a cuppa before I get going...

Have a good day everyone! :cool: :smile:
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
10 Feb 2017, 11:43
I'm having a bit of an off week. I had a cold and then we had a snow storm, so I was home all day. I'm still doing some of my things, but not diligently. I think the rest of the month is going to be a little off, because I have vacation and such. But I'm not going to give up!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
11 Feb 2017, 00:12
Well, I broke my "no treats" rule and had a cookie at the cafe I'm at, working on my class and now I feel sick from it!! That'll teach me!
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
11 Feb 2017, 10:33
@Sassy1 Well done on not overindulging! I've not done so well....
I've managed to stick to my 4:3 except Friday evening after my fast and had WAY too many calories - chippies and alcohol to celebrate my birthday.
So I'm going to tell myself it's a one-off and next week will be better.
I have 2 more weeks to the end of my 4:3 challenge during which I'm magically going to lose another 2 kg.

added Edit - I just saw you had asked me some questions...

So by chippies I mean potato crisps - Namely a large bag of Kettle chips - Chilli/Salt & Vinegar. I have thought long and hard about not having them or why I crave them, and I think it's just salt and crunch and that weird meditative state you can get into whilst crunching away.... I find it hard sometimes to curb how much I eat of the stuff. My only answer so far is to abstain/ban them so I get out of the habit of eating them and the cravings go.
Re: Weekly Challenge for 6 Feb
11 Feb 2017, 10:42
@wakki22 - if there's ever a time to treat yourself, it's your birthday!!! Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed it. Sounds like you are still doing great. I think 4:3 is very hard to do, so even if you had 2 really good fasts and one half fast, that's going to help!

I was thinking about it and for the next couple of weeks, I have to do my best not to let "unroutine" things mess up my challenges too much. I have plans (just with a friend) on Valentine's Day. Then I am off from work from next Friday through Tuesday with lots of plans. But that doesn't mean I have to throw everything out the window, like I was sort of planning to. I can still drink my water every morning and my green tea every evening (or at some point during the day), and get a 15 minute walk in (I should have more time for that even!) The harder ones might be the treats and the eating window. But I can still do my best to do that on the days I can, even if I don't do it every day.

I do think I'm also going to add in one more challenge to try to read for 15-20 minutes every day. This is sort of a non-weight related one, however, I have yet to read the Low Carb for Dummies book that I bought months ago, so in a way it is related.

I hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!
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