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Thanks Tracie! That's funny about your training. But good for you with the veggies. I'm terrible at veggies. I'm reigning things in a bit this week. I thought about having candy yesterday (on my boss's desk) but didn't!!
Hi @cblasz

Very belated birthday greetings - kept meaning to post and then forgot...

I am curious that you are "terrible at veggies". Does this mean that you don't like the taste of them, or forget to buy them, or forget to eat them, or can't be bothered to prepare them in a way that makes them tasty?

Veggies are my saving grace. I am lucky that I love them all, and am quite happy to eat them plainly. They help fill me up and do help me stop eating more calorie dense food, at least most of the time (!). I understand that lots of people are not like me but I would encourage you to add to your weekly challenge a strategy that gets more veggies eaten!!

Good luck! :clover: :clover: :clover:
Thanks Sassy! It's mostly that I don't like that many veggies I guess and also can't be bothered to prepare them. But even if I'm at a restaurant or someone's house or something, I usually won't eat much of them. Unless they've made them in an unhealthy way, smothered with cheese and stuff! :) I eat salad (I buy it, don't make it) and I like sweet potatoes (but they don't totally count.) I also like onions and hot peppers, which only kind of count too. I do like and try to eat more fruit. (although I'm allergic to some!)
Hi @cblasz

Although I don't think frozen veg are as tasty as fresh veg, they are convenient and are supposed to still be nutritious. I don't think the frozen veg are very nice just steamed or boiled, but mixed with other food can be okay. I do tend to use them when on caravaning holidays.

You are no doubt well aware of easy ways to incorporate more veg into your diet, but just in case you have not thought of them...

For quick and/or easy ways to have veg:
- mix a couple of cups of frozen mixed veg, best quality and variety you can find, into a meat sauce
- fry some onions with curry powder or soy sauce, or whatever flavoring you like then add the 2 cups of frozen veg and maybe some pre cooked rice/quinoa mix
(When doing a curry, I do boil some potato and sweet potato separately at the same time (usually start it a bit earlier) then add that, with its liquid, to the curry.)
- use pre made stock with a soup mix (beans, lentils etc) and add in as many veg as you like to make a soup. Purée when cooked and freeze the extra. Sprinkle some cheese over before eating.

Many forum members have posted easy tasty veg recipes over the years. I do think it is worth the effort of incorporating more veg into your diet.

Fruit is good, but it is high in sugar, so ideally we shouldn't have too much. Two serves a day, apparently. I used to have more like 10 serves a day, which was one reason I was overweight! Generally I will have 3-4 serves a day tho, as I love fruit.

Good luck with finding something that works for you. :clover: :clover:
Thanks for the tips. To be honest, I'm not THAT worried about it. I do make some effort to get a little bit more in, but it is not a priority for me right now. I have about 3 fruit servings a day (keep in mind a fruit serving is not always a whole fruit.) Some fruits are better than others, and definitely NOT how I became overweight in the first place. So if I'm eating fruit instead of some other "sweet", I think that's good. And many fruits are very good for you. But I may try a little harder on the veggies!
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