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Hullo everyone! Weekly challenge time!

My challenge this week is to be clean on fast days which will be 4-5 days this week doing an eating window of 17:7 (thanks @cblasz for clearing that up)

No crisps/chips, no savoury biscuits, no alcohol, no extra helpings! :bugeyes: :confused:

Id like to lose at least 3kg/6.6lb by Easter. That would be nice :grin: So I have 3 full weeks in which to get that - hopefully not too ambitious!!!

Good luck everyone with your challenges this week :cool: :clover:
Thanks so much for starting us off again this week @wakki22! Good luck with your goals for the week!

Last week was not stellar for me. I'm still doing great with the glass of water in the morning, I stuck to my eating window for 5 days and I got a walk (or swim) in for 5 days! I did not do so good with not eating sweets and evening water or green tea. As a result the scale was up 3/10 lb. :frown:

My birthday is this week, but I'm planning to try to be good the other 4 week days. All bets are off on my actual birthday and for the weekend! :grin:

My goal is to kinda hold steady this week and the next 2 weeks. I'm on vacation from both jobs the week before Easter. But, after that I'm going to kick this thing into high gear. I will have a new set of "challenges/goals!"

Also, while I still do want to try to read every day, I'm not going to count it as one of my goals here, I'll just stick with weight related goals.

Good luck everyone!
@cblasz Yay to holidays I say!

Just wondering why the green tea each evening? :geek:
Hi @wakki22 - Green tea is supposed to have a number of health benefits, including helping to burn fat and increase metabolism. Now, I'm probably not doing that much with my one cup of tea, but it's better than nothing! Also, it increases my "water" intake for the day and is better than drinking diet soda! If you google "green tea health benefits" you'll find a lot of information about it!

I did pretty well yesterday. It was a lousy day weather-wise here yesterday, so I didn't get my walk in. I still got in almost 9K steps though. Today is going to be lousy too, but it should be better Weds. and Thurs.
well I found out why I've been struggling so - my thryoid blood test came back and my levels are low. I've started levothyroxine. But my attitude is a bit bad. I've been just mellow enough that I'm not doing significant damage, but I'm definitely not losing. I need to get disciplined again!! I leave for Paris on Easter Sunday, and while I recognize it's unlikely I will lose much by then, I'd really love to not gain. Sigh.
I'm sorry to hear that @Tracieknits! But, at least you have an excuse :lol: ! Just kidding, it sucks. But you are still doing great. You have come so far. And no matter what you are going to have an amazing time in Paris and hopefully you'll get a lot of walking in, so it will balance out!

Hang in there!
Alternate Day Fasting for me from Sunday so 2 fasts of 500 calories or under done this week so far.
Current weight 79.9kg, hoping to drop more :smile: :bugeyes: :confused: :like: :clover: :heart:
Well, I did good the first part of the week, but it all fell apart with my birthday on Thursday and that spilled into today and will probably carry into the weekend. I'm also at that point where I know I'm going to be getting serious in a couple of weeks (after my break), so I'm eating bad stuff now! It's a terrible pattern of mine. I'm going to try to be very good next week and somewhat good the week of my vacation!
Three fasts done this week, weight still 79.9kg, waist 37.5".
I've eaten yesterday and also today as its offsprings 40th birthday meal tonight.
I get the feeling my body is thinking 'Been here, done this, worn the t-shirt, wrote the book, not gonna fall for it again'.
I'd like to fast again tomorrow too, see how I feel, not going to fight it if it doesn't feel right.
Good luck folks :like: :clover: :heart:
Hang in there @azureblue, your body will catch up eventually. It's important that you do eat sometimes, to keep it guessing!

I'm a little afraid to weigh myself tomorrow, but hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm going to get a nice walk in today (the weather is going to be nice today) and then I'm going to try to have a good week this week, before my vacation. I'm looking forward to really kicking things into high gear after that!

How did everyone else do this week?
The grehlin gremlins won today, though I haven't eaten much.
I think I have to take myself by surprise, as it were, each day a new beginning.
I also need to ensure I've had enough protein in a day, even if it's down to a protein drink to achieve it, as I do feel better if I've had over 50g in a day.
Here's to new beginnings every day :grin: :like: :clover: :heart:
Dear @Azureblue

I have a lot of sympathy for your sentiment of "been there, done that, wrote the book" etc! Will say more in another post.

It is very frustrating when you feel you are eating appropriately/sensibly but not seeing the results you would like. Do you mind telling us what you are eating? I am no expert, but 50g of protein does not sound very much. I know there are different and quite varied views amongst forum members about how much protein, fat and nutritious carbs one should eat but I am sure you have picked up by now that I am a supporter of eating a wide range of nutritious foods from all food groups, in appropriate quantities to satisfy hunger and the body's needs.

If you don't feel like fasting, perhaps you shouldn't be (tho if you read a post I am about to write, that might sound rather hypocritical of me!!). Just concentrate on eating as nutriciously as possible according to hunger, until you do feel that fasting is something you want to do.

Best wishes and good luck for whatever approach you choose. :clover: :smile:
Hi @Sassy1 and it sounds like we're on the same path.
I've been reading everything I've come across on nutrition for many years and tried most ideas. Diet studies are rarely made on healthy older (60+) women so I don't expect to achieve their results but, after my initial success in the first 6 months of this 5:2 fasting I have gradually returned to my original weight.
According to some that's the best I can hope for.
I was strict vegetarian for over 30 years but, prior to Dr MM's fasting phenomenon bursting on the scene, I had begun to eat fish for protein. I had also done the occasional 3 day fast, more as a spring clean than dieting.
I'm aware of Caro's warnings on IGF1 and protein, and conflicting advice on daily quantity required, also aging depressing absorbency, so it appears to be a balancing act between 'good and evil' as far as amount to be eaten. As I still limit animal protein to chicken and fish it can be hard to achieve a nominal amount.
I look forward to reading your post on this.
:smile: :geek:
Hi @Azureblue

I don't have any expertise on nutrition, but from the reading I have done, I am not worried about having a bit more protein than some recommend. I am yet to be convinced that filling up on fat is an approach I would want to follow. I much prefer fruit and veg if I am to have extra anything.

Do you eat cottage cheese, yoghurt? These are reasonable for protein. But I must admit there's nothing like steak to fill me up...!

You are not alone with losing weight then putting it (often more) back on again. But I don't need to tell you that. For many, that is the dieters story, whatever the diet. The novelty of a "new" diet can help gain the results you want initially, but unless you change whatever behaviour caused you to weigh more than you want, or make other changes to help keep the weight off (eg more exercise), weight lost will generally be regained. :( :( :(.
cblasz wrote: Well, I did good the first part of the week, but it all fell apart with my birthday on Thursday and that spilled into today and will probably carry into the weekend. I'm also at that point where I know I'm going to be getting serious in a couple of weeks (after my break), so I'm eating bad stuff now! It's a terrible pattern of mine. I'm going to try to be very good next week and somewhat good the week of my vacation!


I know what you mean about knowing I'm getting serious in a few weeks after vacation -- I've been a bit naughty too. I'm joking that I'm training for Paris by walking a lot, eating a lot and drinking a lot of wine ;-) But at least I'm still eating all of my veggies.
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