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For many days now with the new layout I've been ignoring the large, initial, screen-centered login selections by clicking twice on the main screens login label in the upper right hand corner. This is what happens:

1. The first click closes the initial screen. (Good riddance, pest!)

2. The second click brings up the login pane.

HOWEVER, AFTER STEP 1, if you just click on the Forums menu - or presumably any of the other selections - and see "Welcome back to the forum" - you're already logged in! Yes!

Worst case seems to be that you may have to login.

:like: :like: :bugeyes:
Yes, I did spot this early on, but I hit the forums "button" and once I saw welcome carieoates I knew I had to be logged in.
I'm glad you posted this ADFnFuel, as it will definitely help someone out there.
I've bookmarked the forum page, so I come straight here and avoid the pop ups completely.
Bookmarked pages don't work for some reason for me
Login is still a nightmare I don't know how is supposed to work but WHEN I do get small login offer I have to put in my email address and password every time I've never been asked for my user name as the old system.
Off out for a walk now but will try that way on my return not hopeful coz I don't always get yellow banner.
I've added the forum home page to my home screen on my ipad & I get straight to it - avoiding logging in & pop ups. Works a treat so far :clover:
I have no problems. I never actually log out-too lazy and I have not been logged out. I've saved the new site to my favourites on Desktop and ipad and the links work fine. I have to refresh the page on my ipad but don't consider that a problem.
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