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The new font is killing me....
@MaryAnn i dropped my ipad and my screen is now totally psychedelic..its all lilac,purple and yellow and its killing my eyes,so i empathise x
I have no idea about phone apps ..sorry,just calling in on a sleepless night to say hi,have a grumble and leave you a hug ((((((())))))))
Someone helpful will be along soon ! X
Sorry about your insomnia, @CandiceMarie. That's far worse than my small font problem. I should get an iPad. My kindle has saved me partly from my bad impulse to read on my phone, but I can't look at websites there...

I'm hoping it won't require an app, btw, just a click somewhere I seem to be unable to find.
Good luck@MaryAnn! X
I don't mind being sleepless,meant i saw Zamale's news that she is now a NANNA! :like:
Mobile version coming next week...
carorees wrote: Mobile version coming next week...

PHEW :victory:
Good news @MaryAnn and @chichi13 :like:
See what i mean tho, MaryAnn,not clued up at all,i thought mobile version must mean an app! X
chichi13 wrote:
carorees wrote: Mobile version coming next week...

PHEW :victory:

Hurrah :grin:
Hi @fast_jason - is this still scheduled for this week?

Hi @fast_jason Will we be getting the mobile version this week? I'm struggling with trying to use the desktop version on my phone.

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