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How do I switch to mobile format? My new Note won't do it automatically
Hi there Minumonline!

Moogie will pick this up but am not sure there is a mobile view, on the ipad its the same as the desktop? Would be great to have an app for androids and iphones and such...hope someone else can help! :-)
Hi - can anyone help with this ? I used to have my settings option set to desktop view, and when I went onto the site on my android phone it automatically displayed in mobile format. But this no longer works, so if I use the site on my phone, I have to go to settings, and switch to mobile view, then change it again when I go onto my laptop. Is anyone else experiencing this ?

Just checked: if I request mobile view on my kindle fire it still shows the desktop view. My phone though can show both. Is it a problem with tablets?
In order to get your phone to show mobile view, do you change it in settings to mobile view, or does it detect you are on a phone, and switch automatically?
When a mobile device is detected there should be a link somewhere along the top (or is it bottom?) of the site to switch to mobile view. I disabled the auto switch as the site analytics suggested it was driving possible new members away (I guess some folks on tablets etc get put off by a 'simple' looking mobile site and leave before looking for another viewing mode).

This link may do it for you otherwise:
Thanks Moogie. The link at the bottom of your post takes me to the mobile view. But I cant see a link along the top or bottom of the site to click on to switch on to take me to the mobile view - I'm sure there used to be one when the mobile view was first available.
It will only display if it detects a mobile device. It's possible you have an option ticked somewhere in your browser to 'request desktop site' or similar, which may send out an "I'm not a mobile!" signal to the forum?
I've tried that, and looked through the settings on my browser on my phone, and the only one I can see is Request Desktop Site, and this shows the desktop version, regardless of whether I tick it or not.

I have noticed that on the desktop version, on my laptop, at the bottom of the screen, there is a "switch to mobile style" link, just above the "delete all board cookies" link. But on the desktop version, on my mobile this link is missing - can you think why that would be?

Thanks for this post. I have been struggling to find the mobile link, its not showing on the site when I go into it on my phone. I will have to remember to use Moogie's link. I checked my phone setting and the desktop isn't ticked.
I lost the mobile format when I updated my phone. :confused:

Chris x
I was being a bit dim ! I've now clicked on Moogie's link on my phone and saved it as a bookmark, so I will use that from now on. I'm still curious why the site doesnt detect my phone as a mobile device, and why the switch to mobile view doesnt show at the bottom of the screen on my phone, but it does on my laptop.

Thanks for your help everyone
The link only appears when the server detects a mobile browser - it comes up on my Samsung galaxy phone and Google nexus tablet, I'm surprised it comes up on your laptop.
What browser are you using on the note? Have you tried installing opera mini or another mobile browser to see if that does it?

Otherwise tomorrow when I'm at my desk I'll try to set it up to always show the link.
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