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Hi, I am subscribed to several threads, but I am not getting the notifications when a new part is added. How can I get the notifications? I have already set the relevant setting to Yes. I rely on the emails to know when to look on the forum. Thanks in advance!
Hi Liz..i set the relevant setting to Yes,and before the changes, i was notified when i'd been tagged or had a PM
Since the changes it hasn't happened - have just been to check on settings and it was set to No
Maybe check out your setting again and see if like mine its somehow reverted to No x!
Hi, thanks for your reply. I have checked since all the changes, I checked just before posting that message. Still no notifications for replies :bugeyes:
Strange. I am getting notifications.

If you go to the thread for which you wish to get notifications and click on the 'subscribe topic' in the forum menu that is on the left hand side if you are viewing the forum on a computer or at the very bottom of the page if on a phone or tablet, you should then get notifications as long as you have it set to receive them in the user control panel.
Bizarrely, I just got a notification for your reply, though I haven't received any for any previous replies. It says subscribed at the bottom, I will check on my other threads as well, but they are all listed where you can unwatch them, though it says at the top I'm not subscribed to any! Confused... Maybe it will start working now...
Just checked, and they all have the option to unsubscribe from topic right at the bottom, leading me to the conclusion that I am already subscribed to them :confused: This is rather frustrating as I rely on the emails to know when people have replied. Should I try unsubscribing and resubscribing to one and see if it works?
I tend to just click the link on the side that says "your posts" then I can see if there's been any updates to things I've posted on. I know that's not what you are doing, but it might help in the meantime?
Thanks for your reply :smile: I don't have that on the left as I'm on a tablet, I currently go through User Control Panel, your posts, but I have ME and therefore very little energy, so I don't go on the forum often, I used to just click through from the emails if I was interested, and delete them if not. It's not a major issue, just means I can't really access the support of the forum because of my illness. The good news is I am getting the notifications for this topic, so maybe the others will randomly start working again at some point too. Here's hoping...
@lizchuter Well I was just doing a reply saying that I was in the same boat when I also got notification of message weird and spooky :shock:
I'm now getting notifications for all topics :smile:
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