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Problem viewing progress charts
23 Mar 2014, 16:49
Is anyone else having problems viewing progress charts today. I wanted to look at MaryAnn's to see how she got to maintenance. I keep getting 'problem loading page' I tried a few others just to see with the same result. I can see my own tho'
I've noticed that too. It looks like the browser is no longer redirecting to . The old web address (I think it's ) shows in the window and the browser can't find it anymore. Tech help??? @carorees
Oh dear! I'll get the tech guys onto it, but you might have to wait until tomorrow as I'm not sure whether they work weekends...
Funnily enough I had the opposite this morning my bookmarked page wouldn't let me in at all no way and I was getting withdrawals so I googled and bookmarked again
Problem sorted thank the lord. :heart:
Me too. Was book marked on the old address and it wouldn't open but the new address worked ok.
Must have gone sometime this afternoon, I did look at someone else's after lunch (well after normal people had lunch :cool:
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