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100 days and 23lbs/10.43kg lost
03 Jun 2014, 21:04
I thought that I should record some of my starting stats and compare them to my "100 days later" stats. I am 5'8" / 1.73m and female. I started the couch to 5k programme the same day I started this WOE. I am still running, but not too much. Just 30 or 40 mins 2 to 3 times per week covering 3.5k to 5k each time. I am about 2lbs away from goal of 147lbs now, but considering revising this to 140lbs.
Weight.......... 172lbs ..........149lbs
Waist ............36in................31in
Hips ..............42in................39in
BMI ...............26.07..............22.58

No permission to reuse images

The images on the left are after. The imshes on the right are before.
Well done Scubachick!!!
04 Jun 2014, 08:36
Wow @Scubachick - your pictures tell such a story! Absolutely brilliantly well done you!

For some reason, there was no facility to reply to your post! It could just be me & my iPad, but I thought I'd write something here in case you were feeling a little unloved due to a lack of feedback.

Great idea to show us the changes in your measurements too - that puts things sharply in perspective for the rest of us...and is very inspirational. To see what is possible in just 100 amazing!

Many thanks!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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