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So, I don't weigh very often because it makes me neurotic, but I've been reducing slowly now for about 5 years...and just started doing 5:2 in April of this year. All of which is to say, I can't say exactly how much I've lost until the next weigh in next month, BUT a milestone occurred. Those of you who are larger will understand this.

I took a bath yesterday. I normally shower, so hadn't done a proper bath for months. So I started the warm water, and climbed in for a nice relaxing soak. And lo and behold, mid way through,I realized something, that the water both behind me and in front of me was the same temperature. I was not creating the dreaded water dam with my bum, thus creating a pool of cold water behind me, and hot in the front. Gone are the days of shifting my hips around, leaning sideways, getting the water to mix back and forth. I can now just take a bath, and there's room on either side of my hips for water to flow freely back and forth. I can't remember the last time this has been the case for me. 20 years or so?

Heaven, I tell you. Heaven.
Congrats! That's great :-)
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