Size 10 at last!
25 Nov 2013, 14:41
I started 5:2 at the beginning of March, I was so unhappy with my weight and disappointed that I had let myself go so much.

9 months on 5:2 and I've lost 36lbs and have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10! I can't tell how amazing I feel! I would now consider myself to be slim, I'm newly single so this has given me just the boost I needed at the right time. I'm more confident and just happier within myself.

Weight is no longer holding me back, the world is my oyster! I did maintain for a few weeks in the last few months but never once did I think to myself that I should give up...I've written a page of hints and tips that I have sent out to various friends and acquaintances that have all asked for my advice on how to be successful!

Life is good, it feels amazing to go into a clothes shop and be able to try on clothes that I wouldn't have gone near before.

If any of you are struggling, my advice to you would be to stick with it. This a lifestyle and a choice that brings so many health benefits, weight loss is a fabulous side effect! If I can do it! you can too! :victory: