slow but steady
09 Oct 2013, 04:32
hi everyone- this post is for everyone out there who started with a pretty good BMI but still want to trim things down. I started off to lose about 5kg back in April. I have always been told I am slim or skinny but the mirror told me otherwise. I am 49 this year and steadily over the last 5-10 years the weight has very slowly built up around my torso. Bit of back fat, slightly bigger pants.... you get the idea. Anyways I have done 5:2 pretty religiously since April (except for about 3 weeks of 16/8 when I got fed up) and I don't eat breakfast most days now. So here I am 8 months down the track and (wait for it) I have lost 17 cm or 7 inches off my waist and 4kg. I can not believe it!! So happy. I have dropped almost 4 sizes in trousers. FANTASTIC!! So this post is for everyone else out there who is losing slowly, not having those incredible 10, 20, 30kg losses others post about. I am proof it happens and you just have to stick to it. In fact, at times I have considered going to a 6:1 but by the time the 4th day rolls around, I want to fast. My body just seems to feel better, less full and stuffed. Weird.