My husband, 55 years of age, had a BMI of 30 when he began 5:2 on 1 May this year. In 13 weeks he lost 14 kgs and 14 cms from his waist. His body fat dropped from 33% to 24%. Even more amazing is that he has started enjoying exercise and now runs 3 times per week. He previously tried to run when he was heavier but lost no weight and had pain in his knees, ankles and feet. He no longer gets pain while running. He is very disciplined and usually just has breakfast on a fast day. He fasts two days per week. Other days he tends to skip lunch but he also gets to eat out fairly regularly with work related dinners or lunches. He is elated with his progress and is now a healthy BMI.
I am 53 and have been 5:2ing for 26 weeks today. I have lost 12 kgs and 12 cms from my waist measurement. I am 1cm from having my waist half my height. My BMI has reduced from 33.01 to 28.49. I would need to lose about another 10 kgs to get in the healthy weight range. I have always been moderately active and that has not changed.
I eat breakfast and lunch but no dinner on my fast days. I do not count calories on non fast days. As others have noted fasting seems to help my body tune in to its feelings of hunger and fullness and I seem to eat less without trying. I have also found that I really enjoy my food more as I snack less than I used to and so am slightly hungry when mealtimes come around.
I found (again like others in the forum) that I had headaches and difficulty sleeping in the first few weeks. I can remember thinking that I would not continue with this, once I had lost 6 kgs. Now I find the fasting days are easier. I still don't enjoy them and feel a bit flat in the evenings on a fast day but the benefits truly outweigh the mild discomfort. (No euphoria for me!)
Interestingly very few people have commented on my weight loss (except people who have not seen me for a while) but everyone comments on the change in my husband. I think it is probably because his weight loss has been so rapid and therefore noticeable to people who see him every day.
We both feel very grateful to have found this WOE. I hope that our stories can encourage other people as I found reading success stories very helpful when starting out.