It's my fastiversary!
02 Apr 2014, 19:15
It's me today! It's my Fastiversary :grin:

I wanted to lose 21lb and I did. It took me 9 1/2 months and I fasted twice a week unless I was on holiday. I soon realised that I wasn't hungry on the morning after a fast day so I took advantage of that and fell naturally into 16:8 by not having breakfast. I also realised early on that white carbs were not good for my weight loss so I ditched those and that brought an added social benefit. No more :cloudy: :deadrose: :lol: I think it was the yeast in the bread :shock: I can now get into the size 10 bottoms that I couldn't get done up a year ago and they are too big and so are my size 12 shirts. My tum still needs a bit of attention but my muffin doesn't top half as much as it did.

Too much work makes Jill a dull girl, so I came up with wey hey weekends when I have a little of what I fancy. This was taken to an extreme at the East Anglia meet up where I plied my fellow foodie fasters with Aldi Moser Roth chocolate bars (thanks for the inspiration @silverdarling) and we had coffee and cake for elevenses, Cafe Rouge lunch and Patisserie Valerie afternoon tea/coffee. We laughed in the face of traditional diets :lol: especially those silly paid for, club type ones :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Then there were 'Fabulous Fortnights' which occur when we take a bit of a break for holidays and family events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc that are spread out over several weeks.

Apart from learning to recognise when I am hungry and when I just fancy eating, how to love bovril at lunchtime, how to come here on a fast day and be inspired, I have learned how to dress nicely and how to buy expensive handbags from @Rawkaren and her Fashionista tent. I was in the club for Valentines Day courtesy of @Auriga I have laughed at the hilarity, thank you @ballerina, teased the boys in the Men Only room, cried over the poor cold tootsies of @sue.q when she couldn't get her shoes on because of her swollen feet. I have learned to eat more healthily and enjoy experimenting with foods I have never had before. Celeriac, mashed, chipped and remoulade. Thanks @pennyforthem. And everyone else for your recipe ideas. I have often been amazed at how my mind thinks the same as @gillymarys and am sure that we have some sort of telepathy going on.

I have learned to say 'no' and to leave food on my plate if I don't want it. I have learned to wait 20 minutes after a meal before having anything else. I now eat more healthily and meal plan so that there is always something tasty to eat. I have learned to love eggs, there is nothing better than lunch the day after a fast day of an omelette with the strong flavours of smoked salmon and feta. Oh and inspired by you lot I am trying to wean myself off 'healthy' low fat yogurts and suchlike and am enjoying the real thing. I still feel nervous about such a radical change of lifelong habits but I'm getting there. Oh my..... Total full fat Greek yoghurt :angel:

I have made so many friends here, you have all made me laugh and cry (sometimes within the same post) I have been proud to be part of this worldwide family circle where we all encourage each other and try to be of some comfort when one of us has bad news to tell or is worried about something. On the flip side, I have often spat my tea out over something that @carieoates or @debs has posted :lol: Thank you @carorees for all the nerdy stuff that I try to understand :geek: and thank you to @kencc for inspiring me to keep a daily weighing chart. I can't remember who it was that reassured me that you can't eat too many eggs but I think it was and thank you to @breadandwine for just being you :star: thank you to @moogie for kicking this all off, I hope your health is improving.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sorry I couldn't mention you all but you are all dear friends. Cheers and here's to the next year of keeping me company whilst I try to maintain. I am so grateful for the company of my fellow maintainers in the super callystowiedarlingpenny maintainers tent @pennyforthem @callyanna @stowgateresident. :victory: :heart: