07 Aug 2013, 08:54
I am gob smacked .....I just had to let you know....
I have been doing 5:2 since the end of May,being a diet veteran for the best part of 20 years. I have found it increasingly easier on Fast days, lost approx 9 lbs,can still eat within reason,what I want but most importantly it has totally changed my 'mindset'.....as on eating days,I have been craving healthier foods,(but dont get me wrong,at the weekends still enjoying a curry and vodka!! :oops:
I have recently been on a two week holiday with my family,all inclusive,starting my 5:2 woe again yesterday. In days of old, this time would mean stepping on the scales when back.......feeling annoyed with myself, frustrated that I had put on so much weight and then back to the cycle of eating,dieting,so as you can imagine....with trepadation......I have just stepped on the scales...and...
I have only put on a 1.0lb!!! :grin:
I ate and drank what I wanted on hols, didn't deprive myself,but some days I didn't fancy breakfast (unheard of for me!)sometimes eating fruit and yoghurt for brekkie,other times bacon etc.Lunch was the same,sometimes not eating,sometimes pizza or local delicaies,other times salad and we always ate dinner (sometimes I had puddings dependent on what I fancied!Again unheard of for me....as I alwayshad to eat pudding)
I had to share this with you as although I may not have lost as much weight as others ( and I still have approx 2 stone to go!!) this WOE is a revelation,wish Id found it years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!