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WOW! what inspirational posts. I love to read these and see the transformations in your pics. Well done to you all and thanks for posting. Whenever I feel like giving in stories like these give me the motivation to carry on.
I don't have the questions here. But I've struggled with weight gain all my adult life. I have gained and lost in the past. As I got older the weight slowly crept up. previously low carbing had helped. But it did not help any more. Food was becoming such a dread for me...
I discovered 5:2 on the Internet. The biggest change it has wrought is my attitude to food. I can eat without guilt. I can enjoy food. I can socialise. I can LIVE.

I joined this Forum in January 2013. I am about 5.3" and small boned. I weighed 55.9. I had set my goal weight to 51.7 kg.
At first when fasting I thought I was going to die. I was really scared. After a few fasts it got easier and easier. Until I lost my appetite altogether!!!
I studied weight loss, and decided to diet only 6 months. At 6 months, my weight was 52.6 kg. I was happy with that.
I next planned to fast before Christmas 2013. But absolutely everything went wrong.
In January 2014 I was back to 55.9 kg.
At Lent 2014 I decided to try again. At first I did 5:2, then 5:3. Then Alternate day Fasting, and the last week before Easter I fasted 4 days in a row.
March 6 : 55.2 kg
March 13: 54.9
March 21: 53.2
April 1 : 52.8 I thought it was fairly easy to loose those kilos that came at Christmas.
April 11 : 51.8
April 16 : 51.1
Started to maintain, sort of
April 23 : 51.2
After a trip to the UK, and a daughter's wedding
May 9 : 52.3
Dieting again 5:2
May 16 : 51.8

Today is May 17 2014. I really, really feel that I now have the tools to control my weight. Tonight we have summer warm and I think we'll have Ice Cream and fruit for dessert.
Cannot figure photos and adding pictures to posts.
Thank you 5:2 for giving me my life back. Can enjoy life again, when that big weight gain monster has been slain. !!!
Thanks so much everyone for posting your success stories! They really do give the rest of us hope for the future......

Keep 'em coming, I say!!!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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