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Coming back to 5:2 fasting
20 Oct 2017, 15:13

I was a member of this forum back in 2013, I fasted for a while and had great results, I'd never felt better. I loved visiting the forum and participing in challenges.
But at some point I got depressed then I had several life changes and I stopped fasting and dieting. I gained all the weight I had previously lost, people told me "you should go back to dieting and exercising" and that, instead of motivating me made me feel resentful.
I have decided to come back to fasting because I remember how good I felt and I am tired of not fitting into the clothes I liked.
I'll read you around the forum.
Happy friday! :lol:
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
20 Oct 2017, 16:50
Welcome back, @Matillian. I was around in 2013 and have been here, more or less, since then. I have been able to use fasting as a method of weight control since reaching my target but, if you look at my tracker, you will see that there have been ups and downs along the way! However, I am cheered by the fact that despite some gains, I have never regained all my lost weight! :victory:

You will find that there are very few people still posting on the forum.. it has certainly changed dramatically since your visited last. However, Moogie is trying to keep it going, despite having some serious health issues, and we try to encourage everyone visiting to post about what they are doing or ask questions and comment on other peoples posts. There is still a huge body of knowledge contained within previous posts and, even if you don't get an answer from a 'real' person, if you use the search facility then you can usually find an answer somewhere on the site.

Congratulations on starting again and I look forward to watching your progress. :clover: :clover:
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
22 Oct 2017, 19:32
I am coming back to fasting also, I had great success a few years ago but I wasn't part of this forum. I think this is what was missing for me, people who understand what I am doing, why I am doing it and giving that little bit of encouragement and understanding when required!
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
23 Oct 2017, 12:29
Welcome to the forum!!
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
23 Oct 2017, 14:24
Thank you!

I am fasting today :victory:
I didn't realize I came back almost on the same date I joined Oct 21st :wink:
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
23 Oct 2017, 17:41
Welcome back! I too am back again having put all the weight back on that I lost initially. It's going well for me as I hope it is for you too.
Keep us updated with your progress please.
Re: Coming back to 5:2 fasting
24 Oct 2017, 02:56
Welcome @matillian and @cee Morris!

I am promoting the Christmas Challenge!! :grin: Please consider joining this for extra motivation and support (both receiving AND giving) in the lead up to Christmas. Whatever you decide, best wishes and good luck. :smile: :clover:

@drilakila, why not consider joining the challenge too? I know you have been doing very well anyway, but it would be great to have you part of the team. :smile:
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