Fasting arriving to Spain
12 Sep 2019, 15:02

While the Mediterranean diet is certainly good, tasty and healthy, I've not been able to loose any weight over the last 20 years, yes, 20 year, with one year exception when I was training to run Madrid Marathon, back in 2006, I do have same weight 104 Kilos (about 230 pounds) . I',m 1,85 m. (6ft), certainly gaining and loosing muscle mass according my activity level, which has not been stable and usually linked to how I look and feel, hence I've done more physical activity when filling fat and lazy. By now I'm 53, in very good health and shape, but you know, I have never reach that point to say, I'm fit, always carrying a fat belt arround :). I think now I have decided to removed it., then I get to know 5 x 2 fasting, and I'm now starting, in my second fast day....wish me luck.

Kind regards from Madrid! :wink: