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Hello everyone! I came upon this forum because I was researching safe ways to intermittent fast while taking Corticosteroids (Prednisone, to be precise). Prior to being prescribed Prednisone for the management of my asthma symptoms, I was having a lot of success with IF. I felt great and was losing weight. A terrible asthma flare up caused me to be given steroids (at first Solumedrol then Prednisone) and now it has been close to three months since I have been taking them. At first I was on a very high dose of Prednisone (80 mgs). Now I’m tapering down and am currently on 5mgs. If there is anyone out there that knows about Corticosteroids, you know what this means and how awful it could be! I am here in hopes of finding others who have battled similar circumstances but still managed to intermittent fast (or full day fasting, 5:2, etc) and keep their weight down. How did you do it? Did your doctor approve it? If you fast, when do you take your medication? During your fasting window, or eating window? Any suggestions are much appreciated! If you are taking or have taken any medication, especially ones that should be taken with food, I would love to hear from you, and how you have managed your fasting window with taking the medication.
Hi. There are a lot of people here who fast and take medication. Check out the FAQ,s and science bit for more info
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