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First time trying IF
30 May 2017, 16:36
Hi everyone!
I am beginning my IF journey on Thursday. I am excited to try something new with my diet and lifestyle as I have not found much success in my current regime to lose weight. However, I do blame myself for not staying on track but I wasn't enjoying the routine. So here I am ready to begin a new chapter and feel the benefits of a longterm program for my health. I hope this works well with my pescatarian diet. I am currently going through all the articles and forums this website has to offer.
Any article suggestions or quick tips would be great! Thanks :grin:
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Re: First time trying IF
31 May 2017, 07:34
Hi @chickpea90 and welcome!

I'm on a pescatarian & dairy free diet - so no probs there with the diet. Its almost a way of life. :like:
What method are you picking for your IF? Is it 5:2 or something else?
Re: First time trying IF
31 May 2017, 10:11
Welcome @chickpea90!

Good to hear that you are reading widely through this website - you will find lots of quick tips that way! Do make sure you read the LEARN pages.

How useful a tip is may depend on what mode of IF you chose. Some general thoughts, but you may already be aware of these:
- drink a glass of water if you feel hungry
- keep busy during a fast day/ when not eating
- most people save their cals for one evening meal on a fast day, but this does not suit everyone
- have boiled eggs handy to help you through a fast if you really can't get by without eating
- break a fast with protein
- avoid processed carbs on fast days (avoid all processed foods in fact)
- in general, reduce the amount of processed foods and increase the amount of whole foods
- identify less healthy eating habits that you would like to change and feel you are able to change, and develop strategies to help you do this
- post here regularly with your experiences and what you have learnt, contribute to discussions!

Don't blame yourself for other diets failing. If you weren't able to stick with them, then it is the diet that didn't suit you and it is not your fault. Do read the recent discussion thread on the article in the Times.

Tell us more about yourself, your dieting history and what your eating challenges are.

Best wishes and good luck. :clover: :smile:
Re: First time trying IF
01 Jun 2017, 14:41
Thanks @wakki22 and @Sassy1
Today is the day! So far I feel fine - it is currently 10:35am and I have chosen to start off with the 8 hour diet. My window is going to be from 1pm till 9pm as it best suits my work schedule. I will also be incorporating a couple fast days of 500 calories to try out the benefits of a full fast day.
I am sipping on my iced black coffee - the taste is blah considering I love my sugar and cream :lol:.
Overall my goal is to lose 20 pounds of fat as I feel too heavy for my height of 5'6 at 155 pounds. I did gain a lot of muscle from my previous gym routine but couldn't shed the fat I wanted. I know weight is just a number considering my muscle gains as I previously stated, but I want to drop a few pant sizes down.
Thank you for your suggestions and I wish you success on your IF journey.
Re: First time trying IF
01 Jun 2017, 14:53
Welcome @chickpea90! Sassy1 has given you great advice. I would add to that: if you start flagging in the afternoon, try a salty, low cal broth. I have miso, but any salty broth would work. We get most of our salt through food, so on low cal/fast days, you might crave it, but not recognize the craving. It perks me right up!

p.s. that was the first bit of advice I was given on the forum all those years ago :-)
Re: First time trying IF
02 Jun 2017, 08:07
Welcome @Chickpea90. Just listen to @MaryAnn and the very helpful @Sassy1.
In fact, most people here are kind and helpful. Nice place to be. :grin:
Re: First time trying IF
02 Jun 2017, 21:50
So how did your first day of window eating go, @chickpea90?

Best wishes!
Re: First time trying IF
03 Jun 2017, 13:23

I ended up going out with my girlfriends for some drinks on my first day.... I might have went over my window by an hour or so. I ate under my calories for the day but might have made that up with a few drinks. So far the fasting till 1pm is manageable, I was a little jittery but conquered through it. The second day I was a bit grumpier due to a bit of a hangover, haha. I don't feel as tired as I usually do around 10 am which I enjoy a lot. Overall, I am enjoying the process.
Thanks for asking!
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