Hej I’m a Newbie
27 Oct 2020, 15:37
I’m new to this site using the name Kalle1402. I have heard and seen a lot about the 5:2 diet. I did start it a while ago but lost my way (and not the weight). I am now in a place where things need to change. In my previous life I was a teacher and bizarrely enough I loved it. Unfortunately there was a conspiracy that stopped me in my tracks. So I was forced to retire early (very early). My illness was a bolt from the blue and my medication and sudden sedentary lifestyle meant I put on the pounds. Now here I sit 16 yrs later and I am under newish management. Meaning in a better place but the weight is still here. I’ve never been overweight, having been very sporty and active, until becoming ill. I’ve started loads of diets etc but the end result is the same- no change except for more weight. Well enough!!!! It’s not paying rent, the bills or making a positive contribution to my life, so it’s got to go. I believe that the fasting approach is the one for me. Anyway I’m 59, soon to be 60 and female. I’m still on medication (but better) with the added bonus of an under active thyroid. I currently weigh 91.2kg and I’m 166cm tall. My target is 70kg or less. Taller would be great also but I realise not possible. I look forward to this new journey with you all. Thank you for your time. :like: