Hi, I'm a 52yr old female. I had a kidney transplant a few years ago and must take 5mg of prednisone daily as one of my rejection pills. I did go through a hunger spell the first year but after that I just keep gaining weight so easily. I've tried other diets like many. I get burned out with all the meal prepping. I'd lose a few pounds but gain a lot more. I believe it has something more to do with hormone effects from prednisone as my appetite isn't crazy. I'm really beyond frustrated and very depressed. I'm anxious if this IF doesn't work because of the prednisone. I've put off starting. It's like this is my last resort.

I did a lot of research and Dr. Fung said about eating some leafy greens with the prednisone because you can't take it on an empty stomach and must be taken in the AM. I also read to take it with chia water pudding or a full fat nut. Not so much what can I take with it but is there weight loss success with IF and prednisone? Is there anyone else out there that lost weight while taking ongoing prednisone. If so, please share your story.

Many thanks!