22 Feb 2024, 19:53
Hello! So, thirty year old woman here. I have always told myself that my 30's will be the best years of my life... and yet, due to depression and other mental blockades in my mid and later 20's, I started this year at my heaviest: A whopping 240 pounds. Now, I weight 217, and am continuing to shed the weight with the help of fasting! It's been really hard, as I'm sure you all know. Its easier for in a technically way, because I don't have children or a spouse with alternate eating habits, but mentally, it's hard to get rid of all of the junk that I have been accustomed to and maybe even addicted to. But I have put myself at a major calorie deficit (~3500/week), and have stopped drinking soda and all other sugary drinks while cutting back majorly on carbs. So, let's see where this takes me! I hope I can continue into my 30's a healthier and better me! :victory: